Day 6 of Australia Adventure Kakadu National Park

Day 6 of Australia Adventure Kakadu National Park – April 22th 2010

Day 6 of Australia Adventure Kakadu National ParkGet up this morning as we are to leave Darwin this morning and head off the Kakadu National Park. This morning breakfast is included at the hotel and I take great advantage of it. Meet up with a few other early morning birds, Jeremy, Danielle, Karissa and Carin are at breakfast. Breakfast is a hot food of a buffet with lots of eggs, bacon, toast and sausages, so quite filling and satisfying. Still have some time before the bus after bk and go onto the hotel’s internet cafe and check some emails.

Then back to room to brush teeth and pack up the bag and take it to the Contiki coach. We do a little drive about of the city of Darwin and take in some of the fancy homes near the water front of the city. As well we go to a look out area of the Ocean and can see the skyline of Darwin in the distance. Water you can go boating in but no swimming as there are lots of jellyfish and crocodiles in there. Here we do a few group photos of us around the water as one can forget to do these types of photos.

Anyways it is back on the bus for a lengthy drive of a few hours to the next stop. As we drive about in the Outback one can see many trees and bush and many sources of water in the immediate area, quite neat.
After a few hours we make a lunch stop at a remote station, here some of us eat food we have us are the prices in road side stops are quite expensive

Day 6 of Australia Adventure Kakadu National ParkHere you can spend $10 for a bottle of soda and chips. It is peanut butter and banana sandwichs for lunch today, good way to save a few bucks. After lunch in the same place we visit a few animals, the people who run this station have a pet crocodile on site. The croc’s name is Brutus and we get to watch him eat a whole chicken.
As well there are some turtles and a reptiles here as well, good place to catch some photos and not to stick fingers into the cage.

Hike In Kakadu Park

From here we board the bus again and make our way for a few more hours to enter Kakadu National Park, where we will be doing a hike later today.Finally after a bit of driving we arrive for our hike a place called Anbangbang. We head out for our hike and head to some rock formations where we see lots of ancient aborginal rock drawings.

Many are of all types of animals and spiritual beings to which there are various meanings for. We head off further uphill along the path and reach a big look out point. This section is called Namarrgon Djadjam. A good area and one gets to see how big Kakadu National Park really is, it is enormous and would take a very long time to see it all, especially walking on foot for the whole part. Take a few photos of the amazing rock formations and plant life nearby, quite an amazing area. For more details, check out all the photos posted on this blog.
Finally we hike out of the area and back to the bus and make our way to our accommodations for tonight in a placed called Alligator. The place is made up of many separate buildings where we are all staying. Our rooms is very big and has a nice ceiling and flooring.

No Alcohol in Punch

Day 6 of Australia Adventure Kakadu National ParkThis evening we have a small group get together called a small punch night. With the tour manager and driver, we head down. They tell us that the punch is high in alcohol but from tasting it, it is very mellow and I would say alcohol free. However many people in the group for some reason are getting all hammered on it. There are also many snacks available and are quite yummy. Our tour manager shows up this kettle they have, as some manager from Contiki, who has been on a trip made them take it so they can serve us Tea every morning. This is quite silly and he tells us to make fun of the kettle and take photos of it for duration of the tour. Many people right away were drinking from the kettle and various positions and getting drunk on the non alcoholic punch

The Invasion of the Bugs

As we are outside, we area all getting eaten alive by the bugs and flies, make its back to the room. Only to discover there is a major infestation of bugs and frogs on the outside of the ways of the hotels. The moment you open the door, all the bugs fly into the room like a big magnet. There are several photos of all the frogs that were hanging out. From here we all go to room 255 as the whole group are having a in room party with the kettle and lots of booze. There seems to be a welcome party for the kettle. As the many photos show it.

Afterwards, several of us make it to the hotels bar and have a few more beer. Try this beer tonight called Victoria Bitter or VB as to which it is not too bad. During this time there were some fishermen in the bar who are extremely drunk and were asking us where the nearest airport was to get to China, an unusual question. Anyways, it was good day and it was now time for bed. Therefore a busy day is to follow for tomorrow, stay tuned for next blog.

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