Day 6 of East Coast Adventure

Day 6 of East Coast Adventure June 16th, 2004

Day 6 of East Coast Adventure get up this morning and for another adventure in Prince Edward Island. I get on the car and drive out of the town and head out to Cavendish. I head to the Cavendish beach area. I go and check out the red soil and red rocks all located here. The beach area is very nice, and lots of sand here. I enjoy the view of the water and swamp land all around here. In the water you can spot many fishing boats on duty there.

Day 6 of East Coast AdventureThe tide must be out right now as you can walk quite far along the beach. It is early morning as it seems I am the only one on the beach area.

I head into the town of Cavendish and see the village from the Canadian TV show Anne of Green Gables, too bad I never watched the show. I then stop off at a store here and then drive by a mini amusement park. Looks very busy with many people here, quite neat. I head off to one corner of the island and then make it back to town of Summer side. A nice little coastal town. I never realized how small PEI is as I was able to drive most of it in just a few hours.

I stop at the grocery store in Summer side and pick up some more supplies. I also made a stop at Rustico area as well. Take a look at all the neat cabins and small beach here as well.

Then it is back to the city and for an afternoon rest.

This evening I go back for supper at Myron’s and have Lobster again. I am served by an ugly male server, so little tip. But it was nice to have lobster all over again.

That was my adventure for today.

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