Day 6 To Cordoba

Day 6 To Cordoba May 9th, 2007

Day 6 To Cordoba Today we get up for breakfast and head off to Cordoba, another historical place. We leave Madrid sadly, and I would love to say I will be back to this wonderful place.
Day 6 To CordobaToday the bus is quite quiet as everyone seems to be quite hungover from the many nights before. It is a crazy party group this time. Too much drinking so far. But its all in great fun when you don’t do this at home. On route today we stop at the city of Toledo, which is an ancient medieval town with a stream that surrounds the city. Inside we visit a sword shop that specialty of this region. Learn how swords are made and shown the goods. Then we are lead into the sales room to browse and perhaps buy any goods; The swords here are quite amazing and I would love to own one. We walk the city and learn about El Grego and the many histories here. It is a very amazing looking city, feels like there is lots of magic here or something. One place I recommend everyone to see one day in their life. I can not say anymore, other then come to Toledo and check out my photos as its only way to describe the city.
We go for lunch at Burger King today, I don’t know why but had the urge for a whopper and fries.
We get back on board our bus and head off to tonights stop. We don’t actually stay In Cordoba but some nowhere town. Quiet night tonight. We have a dinner at the hotel tonight which is nothing special, some hot watered soup and buns. Nothing special tonight, just off to bed early and ready for action tomorrow.

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