Day 7 of Golden Fleece Rhodes

Day 7 of Golden Fleece Rhodes the ancient townDay 7 of Golden Fleece Rhodes

Today we are going to Rhodes Greece, more of a day of relaxation.  I get up this morning and have the breakfast that I kept missing every morning. It is eggs an bacon and huge buffet of greatness.So I totally indulge on this and then go eat outside on the deck.Meet up with a few other member of Contiki group and Thomas who talks about Rhodes.During the journey there, just took it easy on the deck of the ship. Many people from Russia and the UK are also on the cruise as well.

We arrive into port of the Rhodes and today is just a free day to explore or do whatever. I head off with 2 other girls from the group, Caroline and Larissa and go wander the ancient town, its an amazing looking place, very touristy though. I would have loved to spend more time here but my 2 companions were pressuring me to get to the beach with them. On route we have to stop at a pharmacy as Larissa was having problems with her head, so we waited while she got some meds. While walk to the beach we go past the port of lots of nice boats here. As well we stop for some ice cream from one of the vendors here. We then make it to Elli Beach, which is more of pebble beach then sand but all interesting.

We rent out some lawn chairs with umbrellas attached by the old guy walking around. We sit about near by the 5 girls from florida. It is a typical European beach as you can see many nice women doing the topless sunbathing thing here. At same time I saw some guy walking around with a video camera, I think he was filming the ocean. It was a relaxing afternoon, just watching the boats go by the ocean and people watch. After a few hours I am now burnt and he slowly make our way back to port. On route we stop in town for something to eat at a nice restaurant. The guy who served us knew I wanted Heineken beer and I ordered a pizza. It was really amazing food and I would recommend this place.  Check out my review of it all. I will have full description below.

We make it back onboard the Orient Queen. This evening Thomas arranges a Contiki Ball or something, which is more of a crazy drinking feast. Problem since most of the group is all girls, its more of a girls night out. So the 4 of us guys are kinda sitting on the sidelines of it all, but over all still fun.

Stayed tuned for the next day of Crete and Santorini.

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