Day 7 of Revelstoke Adventure Feb 8 2012 and Feb 9 2012

Day 7 of Revelstoke Adventure Feb 8 2012 and Feb 9 2012

Today is last day of trip. Finished skiing in Revelstoke and now off to head back to Kamloops.

Leave Revelstoke early in morning to make the drive back. About 2 and half hours.

Do a brief stop in Salmon Arm to get money from Bank machine and to say I was there.

Listen to CD crash test dummies all the way to Kamloops, something I have not listened to in a long long time.

Make it into Kamloops in good time and then try to figure out where motel is. Turn on GPS and seems the roads are all over the place here.

I am making my way into Rogers way where the motel is.

I find it and check in. A good motel and price is amazing as well. Look at my reviews.

From here I have a lunch at MacDonalds, big mac with bacon and a coke

Then go off to explore the city. First stop go to the Adberdeen Mall and walk around a bit. Not bad, just like any other mall.

Then make a drive to downtown core of the city. Stop at the Lakeside casino and walk around inside. Nothing at all too special about it.

Downtown area seem nice, well clean and lots of prospertity. I make it down to some park just off the hockey arena. Nice park with lots of ducks and river is open water, Thompson river.

Day 7 of Revelstoke Adventure Feb 8 2012 and Feb 9 2012Some mental patients hanging around in the area but not too bad.

Including some weird lady on a bike who was swearing at everyone.

Go for another walk in the area then head off to other side of the river to get some gas for the rental car.

Later in the evening go for a Hockey GAme of the WHL league of Kamloops Blazers vs the Tri City team.

Good hockey and almost like NHL quality.

So overall was a good adventure.

For Feb 9 2012 is home time. Have early morning flight from Kamloops with Westjet . Connect in Calgary and onward to Thunder Bay. Good flight the whole way, no complaints, end of story.

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