Day 7 of South American G Adventures

Day 7 of South American G Adventures – second day of Paraty

Day 7 of South American G Adventures - second day of Paraty

 This is our second day in Paraty. Get up this morning and go have the simple breakfast that is offered. For food was a yogurt drink, some fruit and coffee, which was done up quite well.

From there it is self directed checking out the town again. A few of us go walking out towards the other beach in the town. It is a very nice day, around 40C I believe. We make it to the other beach for a while and its smaller but also very nice. Many people are here. We decide about the quality of life in Brazil and come to the conclusion is a matter of you either have good life or you don’t.

Wandering In Paraty

I continue to wander this amazing little place for rest of the day. Going to see many historical buildings and just taking it all in.
It is very hot today around 40C+ so I need to get back to room for some AC and rest, to which I do.

Day 7 of South American G Adventures - second day of Paraty

I wake up later in afternoon and rejoin the group, we go and chill out down to the beach once again and take it all in. Here we enjoy these good Brazil drinks of Fruit Smoothies, which are really good.

Night Out – Capoiera

Then a bunch of us head out for dinner, we go to an all you can eat buffet restaurant in town which was amazing, had so much beef. The rest of the group went to a Thai food restaurant elsewhere, those darn vegetarians.
From here we wander around and discover vendor people selling cakes out of carts, a great invention.1294122_12479489216141 Day 7 of South American G Adventures - second day of Paraty
 Later the evening our trip leader takes us to a Capoiera demonstration which is a traditional Brazil tribal ritual, using knifes and music and dance, Quite different.

It was an interesting show, as it was quite coordinated and the guys are well talented. We stay after for a few drinks. I run into a guy from France, who asked me where I was from, I said Canada. He then says Canada is bad country and that only Quebec is a true country. Then we he walks away like some type of snob person, Those french people.
Anyways, I make it back to my hotel at end of the night, enough the songs and games.
We are off for a long journey tomorrow, stay tuned.

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