Day 7 Seville Spain

Day 7 Seville Spain May 10th, 2007

Today we are up again for another great Contiki adventure. We head out onto our bus and make way to Cordoba. On arrival Cordoba is an old city full of great history. This area used to have lots of Islam influence there. Most of the buildings are of all muslim style and readings. We make it to the ancient cathedral and walk around inside. It is a very grand building and is totally amazing looking. I recommend this place highly.
Day 7 Seville SpainI could not tell you more as you have to check out my photos.
Everyone in the group is amazed of this place and wish for more. We walk around this amazing city more and take it all in. People live normal ways, you wonder what it would be like to live around history all your entire life. What do you think my fellow travbuddies?
We go for lunch at some sandwich shop and the sandwiches bread are all hard, Spanish style, so its very crunchy sandwich.

On board back onto the bus again for on going to city of Seville. We arrive in city in afternoon and first impression, is its an amazing city, I love it. We check in and drop our bags off at the hotel here. The back onto the bus, for city tour. First stop is the Palace at Parque de Maria Luise a stunning place, Plaza de Espana. It is an amazing place, very big and grand, so many photo we took of this place. There are many gypsies here trying to hand out stuff to people, watch out for gypsies. We take a group photo here as well and walk to the many look out areas here as well/

From here we are off to the Maria Luisa Park which is amazing too as well. Here we visit the Alcazar which is an old palace and church, quite amazing, see the photos. This place has so many amazing things to see it could take a life time to see it all.
Another thing we visited was the main bull ring in Seville, we took a tour of this place, the museum and the arena./ The arena is this huge huge place, as far the eye can see./ One can imagine the intensity of seeing bull fight here with the crowds roaring.
It is an amazing place overall/

Later on, that evening we go for a dinner show. The show is traditional Spanish Flamenco dancing, with dinner , as well. Dinner is good some type of food I can not remember and the dancing was a great show, I am glad I saw it. It will be something I always remember/
After the show, we noticed the building empty quickly, the locals and the actors were cleared out of the place within 10 minutes, we had the place to our selves.Now it was time to go out for the evening. A bunch of us make it to this microbrewery, where you pour your own beer. There was a score board on the wall wall which kept track of how much you pour and charge you. As well you compete with other tables as to how much your drink, it quite a unique attraction.
From here we head to this amazing night club, Club Buddha. It is a many story high club with many dance floors. The top outside area is a lounge are with dancing inside. It is an amazing night, everyone has a good time and end up staying very late. I think some of us got back to hotel around 3 or 4am, I can’t remember/

Onto the next day stay tuned.
What do you think of my adventure so far? Let me know ok? Thanks.

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