Day 7 Usa And Cruise 2014

Day 7 Usa And Cruise 2014

Day 7 USA and Cruise 2014
October 22 2014

On last day in Santa Fe, Getting up and can’t figure out what i should do in the city today. Wishing I had gotten a rental car as without one its quite limited. However i will be creative.
Start day off with the start up breakfast in main building. Today i make waffles on the instant waffle maker, quite fun actually. With a muffin, juice and some coffee.
Head back to room and figure out what i have not scene that i could walk to.
I find that i have not gone to the Cross of the Martyrs and Old Fort Marcy Park in same area. So leave the hotel and start walking up the main streets. Lots of construction on roads today. Weather is good today, sunny and can see all the mountains nearby.
Quite nice. Then head i see the cross in this park and climb up the stairs, not that big of a hill after all. From hill top, get a good view of the city from here. Can see in a full circle, nice and see whole city. Good view
Then walk up the path and see the site of where Old Fort Marcy was. Actually nothing here at all, just some signs, some nice homes with gates on them and a few gravel paths, nice quiet area. Could sit here all day long, but can’t
From there head on back down the hill into town again, walk around for a few more hours, towards the shopping center and back to plaza. Looking for a place to eat for lunch, walk around and check out a few menus, and i end up back the buritto places from day before. good food there. I have the lunch special which is a grilled chicken wrap. Amazing tasting.
I could eat there all day long.
Anyways after lunch head on back to hotel as i have done everything i need to do in Santa Fe. Work on this present blog at time. Hope to head out later for another day adventure .

So more less figure out plans for florida today and watch the news.Back home in Ottawa a major shooting had happened at PArliament hill, a soldier got kill then the shooter stormed parliament and was killed himself,

crazy, that type of stuff happens in 3rd world and crazy countries.

So anyways dinner is my return to the Shake Foundation have an amazing Green chili cheeseburger and fries. so amazing. Go for walk in area and that is my time in Santa Fe. off to Panama City Beach


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