Day 8 Japan Kanazawa

Day 8 Japan Kanazawa October 12th, 2012

Day 8 Japan KanazawaSo get up for my second day in Kanazawa. Included with the hotel is an a Japanese and Western style breakfast buffet. So I go downstairs to try out the buffet. More less curious about the Japanese buffet. So I took a picture of a japanese breakfast buffet looks like. Well there was some tofu, pork, rice and some turn-up and few types of fish and for western eggs and omelets. Quite good actually.

So today going to do something different. I leave hotel and just randomly walk around the area. I walk down to the river area and end up in the district where all these temples are. I can go on about what district is etc. Visit the areas of this. Some of the areas I visited that day were Myoryuji Temple, Kenrokuen,Higashi Chaya District,Kazuemachi Chaya District,Omicho Market ,Oyama Shrine.

It is quite a nice city with many goodDay 8 Japan Kanazawa buildings and not very busy. The size of the city is good and makes it quite comfortable to walk around in. I can go on about what I saw in the city. But e evening I go back to same place to eat at the mall by the train station. This time I have some full pork, rice and a salad. Service was a bit slow as the server kept ignoring me. Even though it was the same girl from last 2 times I was there. All well, not like I would be going back there. Stay tuned for next day adventures as I travel to Hiroshima.

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