Day 8 of Australia Adventure Katherine Australia

Day 8 of Australia Adventure Katherine Australia – April 24th 2010

Day 8 of Australia Adventure Katherine AustraliaGet up again early this morning and head down to restaurant for a buffet of a continental breakfast of cereal and toast, which is quite good. We are leaving Kakadu National Park and heading off to Katherine, another nature aspect of the trip. On route to our next destination, we watch the movie Crocodile Dundee as it was filmed in Kakadu National Park, good ol Paul Hogan. We stop at the sign of Kakadu National Park as we are leaving the area, forever and take some photos with Kettle.

We make our first stop at a place called Edith Falls, which one can swim at, except for today due to the crocs in the water. The Waterfalls are actually quite small and almost funny that someone made a national park over this tiny little falls, but still nice to see. Then we are off again to the next area. We end up at the town of Katherine, but before checking in, we get some time go get some snacks from the local grocery store and make it a lunch as well. Get some more bread, chips, soda and crackers and Mr. Noodles, cheap meals for next few nights. During this time, crazy German Christoph runs in and buys a new camera, as he dropped his other one and broke it. Funny though as he claims to not be able to afford anything on this trip/
Then we go quickly to check in at our hotel, which is really nice then we are back on the bus to get to the Katherine Gorge and do a cruise of it. On arrival of the area, there is very amazing sites all around and would be nice if time permitted to go for a hike.We go down to the river and get our boat, in which many bats can be scene hanging upside down in the nearby trees, quite cool.

Katherine Park Cruise

Day 8 of Australia Adventure Katherine AustraliaThe cruise we take is with kettle as well and is quite good, amazing views everywhere. At one point we get off the boat and hike to another boat at another part of the river due to low water levels. On the gorge we see several caves and very high cliffs everywhere ands its quite warm here. I could on and on about way the gorge, looks but I have many photos of it below, so take your time and enjoy going through my photos of the gorge and see the beauty of it all.

Afterwards, when cruise is done we make it back to the hotel and later have a pizza dinner around the pool area. Have many types of pizza from meat lovers, veggie lovers and a mixed. There is lots of pizza left after, therefore a few of us hord a bit of it for tomorrows lunch!.

Contiki Pizza Dinner

Some of us hang out around the pool and tell silly stories of many things to pass the time. During this time, crazy German Christoph is playing with his new camera and taking all types of photos of anything. Including taking photos of himself with a pizza and posing with a lawn chair. From here there is an infestation of frogs all over the place and it is really neat to go and take photos of them, like in the hundreds, very different.
Anyways, that is the story for this day, stay tuned for the next adventure.

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