Day 8 of Golden Fleece Crete Santorini

Day 8 of Golden Fleece Crete SantoriniDay 8 of Golden Fleece Crete Santorini

Today is almost the last day of the Cruise.  This morning we are in the island of Crete. This is a historic island and has many things to see. However, we are only here under 3 hours. Our tour leader, Thomas, was not a good guide as he told people that there is nothing to see in Crete and do go on the land as its a waste of time.

I think he is a bad guide and go against his wishes and do some exploring. The town has lots of interesting looking fortresses along the water front and it looks like a nice city. The water is here and the mountains near by give it that special feel.

Day 8 of Golden Fleece Crete Santorini

It is early morning so most of the city has not come to life yet as well not many tourists are out yet, so I make the best of it all.
There are some nice buildings here and a I end up at a nice park. AS well found a nice shopping plaza with a large assortment of cafes here, including many barber shops.

I make it back to the port as I was running out of time and go to the seaside gift shop and get some postcards etc. I run into a few other people of the group here, who got off just to say they were in Crete. They followed Thomas advice, too bad, but what can you do.

Onto the ship again and meet up with the group again for lunch. I think today the group was tired of the buffet and we all ate in the dining room.  I did this because the others didn’t like the buffet food and prefer dining room style.

Day 8 of Golden Fleece Crete Santorini

famous view

I can no remember what I ate for lunch that day. Anyhow we go for a meeting with Thomas who goes over the final aspect of the cruise and the instructions.

Eventually that day we now are arriving into Santorini, the most nicest of the greek isles. We make the arrival to the island and you can see the city on top of the hill top, quite the view.
There is no port here so we have to get picked up by little boats and taken to shore. We find out that we only have 3 hours here, which is a disappointment.

Then find out the people who get off the ship first are people who booked a tour, some of us did not as we wanted to just walk around the town.
Well after an hour and half of waiting we get on our boat and make it to shore. Little time left, we make it up the gondola to the town and quickly walk around.

Day 8 of Golden Fleece Crete Santorini

It is a amazing looking place, the views of the sea are breath taking, its worth a million photos.
A very charming town and I hope everyone makes a trip here. It is a very beautiful place , the best is the church with 5 bells. I take as many photos I can in our short time here, one day I shall return.

Overall It is true is the best of the Greek Islands, you all must come here one day. I won’t say anymore, just my photos tell rest of the story.

From here we made it down back to the port and onto the ship again where we sailed off.
Apparently 2 people from another group were left behind, the Captain at one point had to stop the ship in the middle of the route so the other people could be taxied to the cruise. Their tour manager told them the wrong time to return.

This evening as a last meal, there is a nice buffet here, with lots of salad. I eat with one of my friends on this group who is in a bad mood for some reason.  Anyways she has a few bites and then takes off to her room, leaving me on my own, all well. I enjoy the dark night view of seeing Santorini for the last time.

Rest of the evening is quiet as we have to disembark the ship in the morning. So I put my stuff together and organize things for the morning move. As well, just reflect on the last week about the whole experience, overall, AMAZING!!!

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