Day 8 To Grenada

Day 8 To Grenada  May 11th, 2007

Day 8 To Grenada  Today is up for another exciting adventure. We are off to the city of Granada. Get out of bed and barely make it almost as only 4 hours of sleep tonight.

On Route to Granada we stop at Gibraltor, to see the rock of Gibraltor. It is a British Colony so we have to pass through immigration to get to, get your passport out, please.
Day 8 To Grenada At Gibraltor we notice the main road goes across the airport runway. As at the red light a big plane goes by, quite amazing. The Rock is what you see in those commercials for Prudential, its an amazing sight and celebrity of its own.
We take this tour in these vans up the rock to the top./ I get to explore these caves for awhile and its quite amazing. It is called St. Micheals Cave , talk to Mike about the reason for the name.
Outside this place is infested by all these small apes. The apes like to steal bags and food, so you must be careful here/ One ape I saw grabbed a ladies bag and ran to the top of a building with it and ate all the food in it.
At the top of the rock it an amazing view of the city. You can see across the channel into Morocco, quite amazing.
We make it down the rock back into town for lunch. Today for lunch we make it to Pizza Hut for a pizza buffet, just because it was cheap.

Back onto our travel towards Granada. Its good journey to the city with one stop on the way to get some shopping and snacks.
Finally arriving into the city it is a university town, big time party place. The hotel we arrive it is quite nice and a big wedding is going on here. I go for a walk before dinner and check out the surrounding area. For dinner it is a simple hotel dinner which is just chicken and fries and water. I would pass if I Could.
Tonight we go out on the town again, walk past this nice water fountain then to a pub for drinks. Main beer I was having here was San Maguel which was quite decent.
After the pub we make it to this amazing night club again and its packed to the rim. Drinks were like 13 euros each here but overall a good time./ We laughed and cried and drank the night away.
Leaving here was around 430am we walk back and the city was bumper to bumper traffic at this time. Almost impossible to get a taxi so we walked back. Weaving around on the road we somehow make it back to the room.
I go back to my room and crash for 2 hours as the rest of group goes for city tour in the morning. The party group keeps drinking the rest of the morning away.

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