Day 8 to Iguassu Falls – Brazil

Day 8 to Iguassu Falls – Brazil

Sao Paulo

Today is another day but we are on a travel day today. Day 8 to Iguassu Falls – Brazil get up this morning and make it for some breakfast. Later on this morning around 1130am we get onto our van and start our 22-hour journey to Iguassu Falls or Foz de Iguassu.

 falls1 Day 8 to Iguassu Falls - BrazilWe get on our van and leave the Paraty city and drive for about 5 hours to Sao Paulo. The drive there is quite fast and lots good scenes are along the way. We did make a quick stop at some truck stop, but all the food was high in sugar.

From here we arrive at the bus depot in Sao Paulo, which is a very big city. We are only on the outskirts of the city. We have about an hour before boarding our night bus, Alexandra informs us get buy some food as no dinner stop tonight. I go to some gift shop and buy some cookies and bottles water for the whole journey. Finally we board the night bus for tonight’s journey. It is a nice bus and the seats recline all the way back so you can sleep well.

We leave Sao Paulo and see all these lighted up bottles or fake ones along some river, kind of neat

falls2 Day 8 to Iguassu Falls - BrazilIt was stormy all night, with lots of rain and lightning all the time. Bus driver drove very fast the whole time and it made the journey quite interesting. We did stop about 4 times during the night at some stops to change drivers. The food at each stop was usually all sugar and salt-based foods, not too healthy.

Breakfast At The Hotel

Finally about 7am in the morning we arrive at our destination. It was not a bad bus trip afterall. It went by quite quickly. We get to a taxi and make our way to the hotel we are staying at. We then go for an amazing breakfast here, had bacon, toast and many cakes for a dessert at breakfast. Quite yummy and worth staying up for all night.

falls3 Day 8 to Iguassu Falls - Brazil

On Our Way To Iguassu Falls

We get going with our tour operator and make it to the area of the falls. We stop near a very fancy hotel that rich people stay at, quite cool. Then make it down the pathways to the falls. First site of the falls is totally amazing, the falls are all over the place.It takes a long time to see this whole area. We take many group photos here and savour every moment. We continue walking to more viewpoints to see even more falls.

We then go up and have lunch, a burger and fries at some tourist food court. Then we get back to the van and decide what to do for rest of the day. A bunch of us head off to more of the park. We go to this really big bird sanctuary here. It is full of many exotic birds from all over South America and many other parts of the world. Also was an Anaconda, who could probably eat all the birds here. It was quite an impressive place and I love to go back to see it again.

Heading Out For Dinner

falls4 Day 8 to Iguassu Falls - BrazilWe regroup at the hotel again tonight and head out in some taxi for dinner. We go to this nice restaurant located somewhere else in town. We get a big table for all of us. We all get lots of Caprinhas and order this tap out of fake food ball helmet to get beer. It is quite the adventure.  We order great food tonight, I order a pizza and its one of the best pizzas I ever eaten, It is huge, check out photo. The other people order good food such as steak and other good things. We leave there very stuffed and no more room for any thing else that night.

Back on taxi to hotel and just chill rest of evening. More stuff for the next day, stay tuned.

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