DAy 8 of USA and cruise 2014

DAy 8 of USA and cruise 2014

Day 8 USA and Cruise 2014
October 23 2014

So another day and time to leave Santa Fe NM . Start day off with coffee and the quick start breakfast at the hotel. Waffles and a muffin. Not bad. Back to room and pack up things and get ready. TAking it easy today and then wait in lobby for the Sandia Shuttle. The shuttle arrives early which is amazing service. Get on the van and pick up a few more people. Van is full. Seems all these people were enjoying time in Santa Fe. Shall be back some day, Very nice place.\
So finally leave the city and head back to Albuergque, to the Sunport Airport. Drive is very nice get to see the desert and the mountains, very good. Arriving in good time at airport. I tip the drive and off to check in. Flight is with Delta and i have to connect in Atlanta.

. So go through the security crap at airport. While waiting i go have lunch . Some chinese and its good and eat with chopsticks. Then wait the observation deck in the airport. Watch a few flights take off, Southwest. See one plane come in and a team of fire trucks are escorting it on the run way. Interesting. So time to board. Delta airlines has a system that is slow for boarding, go by zones. So i am in zone 3. get to board last. What the point really when plane takes off at same time as everyone else. so plane leaves and good flight to Atlanta. during flight i heard this guy a seat behind, talk the whole time, claiming he is a a professional astronomer and knows the universe. He just went on and one about his hobby, geez. Finally landing in Atlanta and get off.

There is a gate change for flight to Panama city. but make the connection in good time. Short flight, less then an hour. so no drink service on plane. landing in Panama city one of my favourite places. So now it starts to get good. Get my bags and i go check in to get my rental car at Hertz. I booked economy car and lowest price. So sign contract and go pick up car. Turns out my economy car is a Ford Mustang, with leather seats. very nice. so driving car is very nice, now iwant to do some good driving in area Going down hwy is very good and smooth. Arrive at the Beachcomber by the Sea, Same place i stayed last year. but hear long, love it here. check is great and fast and i will provide a review of this place in other area. So go to room and figure out plan, late now, so i just order a pizza from dominos and bread. And coke. Good food. Amazing fast and i tip the guy well. so evening is drinking pop on balcony and listen to sound of ocean so good. Anyways onto next day.

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