Day 9 of Australia Adventure Tennant Creek Australia

Day 9 of Australia Adventure Tennant Creek Australia – April 25th 2010

Day 9 of Australia Adventure Tennant Creek AustraliaGet up early this morning and make my way for breakfast in the hotel. It is an included cold breakfast or one can pay an extra 10 bucks for the hot bk. I go for the cold items as its expensive for the other. We then pack our bags and make it onto the Contiki bus as we are headed for Tennant Creek today, or at least later on. We play the day song on the bus on route to our first stop. Our first stop is a swimming spot called the Mataranka Thermal Pools which is a nice cozy area. The moss under the water is a bit gross but otherwise good, we swim with kettle as well. Take a few photos and even see some kangaroos in the nearby forest, quite neat.

Daly Waters

We then head back onto the bus and head off for a 3 hour drive to the next stop of the day. We stop at a small village, or actually all it is a pub in the middle of nowhere called Daly Waters, the Northern Territory’s oldest watering hole.
On arrival there are many drunk cowboys who are falling all over the place here. It is a place where people leave something of themselves behind as there are many pieces of underwear and other parts of clothing on the walls and ceiling here. Go here and have a beer and last night’s pizza for lunch, I like cold pizza. Then there is crazy Christoph who is taking more photos of himself with various people who are total strangers.

After several drinks we are off again to the next adventure of the day. We have a brief stop in a place called Renner Springs, where I notice Gas is over $1.90 a litre, quite a lot.
We then make our journey to Tennant Creek and check into our motel, Eldorado something. During this time, Dean has some troubles with the bus, the brakes won’t release for awhile, however problem is then solved. This evening German Christoph realized he left his bag behind at Daly Waters, with his passport and some clothes. He is however not at all worried about it and just not concerned. He called Daly Waters to ask about the bag and nothing was turned in, so someone is off with his clothes, regardless Christopf is not concerned.

Tennant Creek

Day 9 of Australia Adventure Tennant Creek AustraliaLater on we meet for dinner in the restaurant and its a buffet of roast beef and salad, very filling. During this time, Christopf is taking photos of himself with his food. Later that evening we all head down to a local pub called the Tennant Creek Hotel. Have some XXXX beer all evening and its a good night, with german guy taking photos of himself in all kinds of weird places, including in the washroom. Several people have a few dances with some girl in a sailor uniform. First thing we thought she was part of the Australian Navy, but we are way in the outback, 1000 miles away from the nearest port, so its a weird situation. There are photos of here from that night, ,make your own thoughts of it all. Anyways the sound system at that bar sucked and it was cracking all night. Till around midnight it completely broke and not work anymore, at that point it was time to call it a night.

On arrival back to the motel there are some very drunken Aussie guys around the pool wearing the Team Canada Hockey Jerseys, most don’t even know what hockey is, too funny.

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