Day 9 of East Coast Adventure

Day 9 of East Coast Adventure June 19th, 2004

Cape Spear

Day 9 of East Coast Adventure get up this morning which was ok as I took it easy last night on George Street. I head out to Sobeys grocery store and buy some fruit and donuts. I then head out of the city to head to Cape Spear, the most eastern point in North America. It is a neat little area, a light house and few other small buildings. Very windy and the waves in the ocean look very intense. There is also some old war cannons located around here as well. Quite a good place to take a look. Here is some information about Cape Spear.There has been a lighthouse operating at Cape Spear since September 1836. The original Cape Spear lighthouse was the second lighthouse built in Newfoundland; the first was built in 1810 at Fort Amherst, at the entrance to St.

John’s Harbour

In 1832, the first legislative assembly for the colony created a lighthouse board. Cape Spear was chosen as the site for a new lighthouse because it was on the rocky eastern coast near the entrance to St John’s harbour.

Because of its proximity to convoy routes during the Second World War, a gun battery was installed at Cape Spear to defend the entrance to St. John’s harbour. Barracks and underground passages leading to the bunkers were built for the use of troops stationed there.

Drive Along The Coast Area

Day 9 of East Coast AdventureFrom here I take a drive along the coast area to a place called Ferry land and admire the rocky coastline. Head to Poach cove, Aqua forte and a few other scenic areas here. I take drive through Cape Broyle as I will be kayaking here next day. Seems like a nice little community. From here I make it to the end of my journey for the day, as the rest seems quite far to drive for just a day trip. I make it back to St Johns and to hotel. I have dinner tonight at the hotel restaurant and have a Molson Canadian and some Chicken, not bad for a hotel eating place.

Tonight I make it again to George St. for some nightlife and beer. This place really rocks.

Stay tuned for another adventure on next blog of NFLD.

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