Day 9 of Golden Fleece – Back to Athens Greece

Day 9 of Golden Fleece – Back to Athens Greece- Back to Athens Greece

Today is the last day of the Cruise and onto Athens, I will condense 2 days of the last in to one message.

Up this morning really early  and my suitcase is gone As I had left it outside for the luggage people to get it.Go have an early breakfast before we are finally kicked off the ship one last time.

Off the ship at port and it is wild as everyone is leaving, I get my bags and onto the bus to get back into main part of Athens.
We depart at the area where we started last week, grabbed our bags and leave, its a quick turn around and everyone is just now gone.

There is 2 of us left now and on our own for 2 more nights in Athens. We try for 30 minutes to get a taxi and all them keep going by us We get one and get it to drive us to the Economy Hotel, see the review below, check in and then head off for time in Athens.

This morning we go back to the Plaka district and go to the Acropolis, it is amazing. I had a backpack with me so I had to stand in line for 30minutes for coat check. Finally make it to the most amazing structure in the world. Acropolis is a true jewel of our time, it was so worth seeing it here.

As well during this time do some exploring of a local market, of all fish and even see a shark up for sale, quite interesting.

From here then go about exploring on my own of Athens, to many great structures to the olympic stadium to some parks, the main govt buildings and many local markets. Its a great city, even though the travel books say it is bad, Athens is worth checking out.

I could go on with all the sights but once again check my photos as the pictures tell the story.

This evening had subway for supper then was off to some night club tonight. The Club was ok but quite dead, so after that I called it a night.

The next and final day was just doing some rehash and relaxing as the night before was rough.

After this I went home, fly home from Athens transferring flights in Toronto with Alitalia. This time no problems with the airline. Trip home was safe and efficient.

Thank you for viewing my blog of Golden Fleece, any questions about my Greek Adventure, feel free to ask me.

Cheers and talk soon.

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