Day 9 of South America Iguassu Falls on Argentina Side

Day 9 of South America Iguassu Falls on Argentina Side Of Iguassu Falls

Get up this fine morning and go have another breakfast of champions. Day 9 of South America Iguassu Falls on Argentina Side. I am enjoying having dessert at breakfast time, this could become a new thing to explore.

We get onto out van with the tour operator and head back to the falls.

2ndfalls Day 9 of South America Iguassu Falls on Argentina Sideargentina side of falls

Today we are going to the Argentina side of the falls. We cross the border without any hassles and make it to the park entrance.We are given an orientation of what to expect today from the local guides. Then we out to this one train and take to another view point of the falls. We then make a long walk on the boardwalk to the falls area. Its another amazing sight, the ground rumbles with the intensity of the falls. Also here are all of these birds flying around in the falls, quite interesting.We make it back to the train station and take train back to the main park area. We realize we are missing someone in the group. Looks like we left Kristina behind, a bunch of the group go back on the train and go to retrieve her. We find her su

2ndfallsb Day 9 of South America Iguassu Falls on Argentina Sideccessfully and make it back to the area.We walk around the many boardwalks in the park and see more falls and

The Local Animals

the local animals, see alligators and these raccoons.

The raccoons are different, they are out to eat the garbage and people keep feeding them, it is almost like they are everywhere.By this time it is now time for lunch, we go off to this really good eating place with an all you can eat buffet. The food is quite amazing and the dessert area is really grand. I have seconds of everything and enjoy every moment of it.

Rain Forest

From here we board this funny looking tram and go through the rain forest for awhile with a brief tour. Then we make it to the river where we board this boat. 2ndfallsc Day 9 of South America Iguassu Falls on Argentina SideThe guides on the boat warn us of how wet we are going to get. The boat ride takes us down the river and into many portions of the falls. They take us right up beside to each water fall to the point you can actually touch them. We all get very very wet, but overall a great day.

We are dropped off on the cold side of the area in the shade and being wet, it feels very cold. Then make a long hike back to the park entrance and onto our van to get back to hotel.

Serene Evening

We make it back to the hotel for a little while before dinner, this time I take some time to do some laundry in my room. We then head out for dinner at a place just next door to our hotel. It is very simple place but the food is really good. I have chick2ndfallsd Day 9 of South America Iguassu Falls on Argentina Sideen and rice for about 4 reals,  a good price. Then we buy some beers from the store there as well.


This evening is quite simple, we go into the hotel game room and play some foz ball with beer. It is an international competition, however in the end the British won. We then spend some time doing a drinking game of playing a game called
Fuzzy Duck, something the Irish man created. We started playing this after finding an abandoned bottle of gin on the ground to which we drank from, anyhow that was our adventure for the day. Stay tuned for next day. We go off to Paraguay.

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