Day One of Ohio Adventure – Mohican

So just a brief blog to talk about a trip I did to do a mt bike race in Ohio.

Left on this day and made a small road trip.

So leave Canada driving on day one and make destination to stay overnight in Eau Claire Wisconsin.

Driving down HWY 61 is nice and scenic. Stopping in Grand Marais on route. As It is a nice day. Temperature on north shore is around 12C so a little cool. However it is nice and sunny.

Arriving into Two Harbours to stop at grocery store abit. Get some pasta frozen dinners as good source of carbs and a budget meal for tonight.

Back on the road and drive onward into Duluth, MN. Nice weather here. Go across the bridge to superior Wisconsin and all of a sudden temperature is 29C!! wow what a difference it makes. Then drive a few more hours make way to Eau Claire Wisconsin.

Stopping at nice hotel I booked of Econolodge. Overall being very tired i just have something to eat, browse the internet then go to bed. Rest up finally.

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