Draxis Soaps: Homemade Themed Soaps

Draxis Soaps: Homemade Themed Soaps

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 We are a small business venture that is seeking funds to make themed soaps for kids, geeks, movie fans, and everyone else to enjoy!

What do you get for the geek in your life who has every collectible imaginable? For your friend who scours conventions and stores for every obscure item ever produced or your boyfriend who has been collecting Star Wars paraphernalia for the last 20 years? Geek Soaps! What about the kid who hates taking baths? What can you do to help make bath time more fun and less of a nightly struggle? Fun Kids Soaps! Looking for something to give as the perfect gift? Need a little something to add some color and fragrance to the bathroom? Tired of plain bars of soap? What can you use instead? Original Homemade Soaps! We have something for everyone at Draxis Soaps and every soap we make uses safe and natural ingredients and we have many fun and beautiful shapes, molds, colors, fragrances, and types to choose from!

Scented rose soaps- available in any color!
Scented rose soaps- available in any color!

Who we are
DraxisSoaps was founded by my husband and I, two “geek” writers interested in providing high-quality soaps to others. Having spent years frequenting fan conventions around the nation, we discovered that although you can find just about any product imaginable, there were no geek-themed soaps. After discussing the idea with a friend in the soap-making business, our company was born with one simple mission: to provide high-quality soaps to delight the geek inside all of us. We also realized how big the demand is for safe, beautiful, and affordable soaps.

Why pay $6-$10 for a simple bar of homemade soap when you can get great soap that not only feels great on your skin but looks great in the soap dish and is fun to display before you get around to using it! It is with this inspiration in mind that Draxis Soaps has started making fun and family soaps for everyone! We are dedicated writers, stay-at-home working parents, and entrepreneurs. While writing is our passion, we enjoy exploring other fields and pursue creative and interesting ideas when they arise. DraxisSoap was born from one such idea and we are excited to be able to provide you with the opportunity to join us in this thrilling venture.

Suspension soaps have endless possibilities!
Suspension soaps have endless possibilities!

About our soaps
We embody the true essence of a “mom and pop” business throughout the soap-making process, ensuring that every bar of soap we produce is made with the utmost care, patience, and expertise. Our soaps work well as moisturizers, to exfoliate, and are all around wonderful for the skin!

Our goal is to provide high-quality, homemade soaps themed around our favorite sci-fi and horror shows and movies, video and board games, and other geek themes. We produce a full range of soaps made from honey, goat’s milk, shea butter, and olive oil in shapes and sizes certain to delight the kid inside of you. Our soaps are made by hand to your exact specifications in an assortment of colors and can be enhanced with a variety of additives and fragrances.

Bath time can be fun time with toys embedded in the kid's soap!
Bath time can be fun time with toys embedded in the kid’s soap!

We continually strive to provide you with as many customization options as possible and are always expanding the possibilities to meet your exact specifications. The combinations of soap, colors, additives and fragrances are numerous and are created to meet your exact needs. Whereas clear-based soaps such as olive oil and honey result in bright vibrant colors, our white bases provide beautiful pastel shades. Simply let us know what soap you are looking for and we’ll do everything we can to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the final product.

Why are we using Kickstarter to raise funds? To reach YOU! Having seen the positive feedback to our geek-themed soaps we are excited to expand our product line so that everyone can enjoy our wide range of creative soaps. Kickstarter provides the perfect platform to expand our business while partnering with others who are passionate about the things we love- geeks and nerd fandoms, family, community, and fun bath time! Being geeks ourselves, we love being part of such a close-knit community. DraxisSoaps is our way of giving back to the community that has provided us with so much joy over the years. It is a way for us to give something to others who share the same passions and joys as us.

Catch them all with our fun Pokeball Soaps- with surprise Pokemon toy inside!
Catch them all with our fun Pokeball Soaps- with surprise Pokemon toy inside!

How will we use your contribution?
Although many of our soaps are currently made from premade molds, we are in the process of expanding our line of products through the production of homemade molds. Whereas premade molds can cost up to $20 for a single mold, we are looking to expand the range of creativity and passing on the savings to you by creating our own innovative molds. Your generous contribution will allow us to expand our line of soaps through the creation of homemade molds.

Sneak peek at the mold making process!
Sneak peek at the mold making process!

By creating our own molds, we will be able to offer you exclusive molds that cannot be found anywhere else! Upon the completion of the Kickstarter campaign we plan on creating dozens of additional molds including geek and movie themed, gemstones, an angel, gargoyles, skulls, animals, rock crystals, and more. However, to provide you with these unique molds requires a significant investment of time and dedication. The mold creation process takes two days to complete a single mold then there is up to a week cure time before the mold is ready to actually be used, and each mold can be used to make only one soap at a time. It is an involved process but the end result is a unique soap that no one else has access to- and we are excited to be working on a large line of new original molds that are currently in production and in the planning stages.

A toy coffin, our homemade mold, and the new soap!
A toy coffin, our homemade mold, and the new soap!

In addition to expanding our line of soap molds, we would like to increase the options available to you. We plan to expand our lines of soaps to include aloe vera and suspending soap bases, allowing us to suspend oatmeal and lavender within the soap. Furthermore, we will purchase additional colors and fragrances to provide you with as many customization options as possible.

What we would like to add to our soap lines- there are many different ways we can customize our soaps such as soap base, colors, fragrances, additives, and other special combinations that make wonderful and unique soaps. The money we raise here on Kickstarter will help us get to more things to customize our soaps with. Some items we are looking at getting with these funds include:

Soap Bases
25 pounds of Shea Butter
25 pounds of Olive Oil
25 pounds of Goat’s Milk
25 pounds of Suspension Soap
12 pounds of Aloe Vera
12 pounds of Honey

Base Colors
Neon Colors
Pastel Colors
Earth Colors
Calming Colors
Kid’s Colors

Lemon Grass
Peppermint Leaves
Spearmint Leaves
Orange Peel
Rose Petal
Coffee Scrub
Scrub Seeds
Luffa Scrub Sponge
Sea Sponge

Citrus Rose
Brown Sugar
Sugar Cookie
Ocean Spray
Green Tea
And More!

Other Products
We want to expand into bath salt and oils lotions liquid soaps. You can help us grow our business and continue to provide creative, geek-themed soaps by participating in this campaign. Upon the successful completion of our Kickstarter campaign, we plan to begin marketing and selling our soaps at nearby conventions and trade shows. By contributing to our Kickstarter campaign, you will be among the first to own our unique soaps to the envy of your friends and family.

A D20 soap for all of the game lovers out there!
A D20 soap for all of the game lovers out there!

Stretch Goals
Any additional funds raised above our goal will be used to expand our line of soaps by purchasing additional molds, soaps, colors, and fragrances. We are committed to providing high-quality soaps to your exact needs and would love to hear your ideas on how we can best serve you. Would you love to see us create a soap of your favorite show or character? Let us know! Are you interested in a certain color or fragrance that we do not carry? Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll do our best to make it possible!

A new line of fun kid's soaps in animal shapes is just one of our lines we want to expand.
A new line of fun kid’s soaps in animal shapes is just one of our lines we want to expand.

We have plans for many new mold ideas- but we need YOUR HELP to make them possible. We want to find or make molds for popular anime shows such as Bleach, One Piece, Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist, Death Note, and more! We also want to create molds for popular geek, nerd, gamer, and sci-fi/fantasy trends including Minecraft, Tetris, WOW, DnD, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Metal Gear Solid, Mass Effect, Halo, and many more! We also would like to develop more unique molds including jewels, gargoyles, angels, crosses, runes, and several new styles of fun soaps with embedded toys for the kids! Many of these molds will be handmade. All molds will require finding in order to secure, so we need your help to make our goal so we can bring even more amazingly cool soaps to everyone!

Special Update!!!

For anyone who gives more than $5 to this kickstarter campaign- you will also get a bonus soap added to your reward. So if you get a set of mini soaps you will get an extra travel sized bar as a special thank you and if you get medium or large sized soaps in your reward you will be getting an extra medium or large soap as you special thank you. Draxis Soaps believes in the quality of our product and want to share it with you all and want to give our backers a special thank you for your help! So please keep spreading the word!

Risks and challengesLearn about accountability on Kickstarter

Risks and Challenges
In the creation of this project, we have ensured that the risks are minimal. We have vast experience making molds and soaps and as a result, we have greatly reduced the chances of wasting resources and materials. All of our soaps are made by hand in our home in order to keep overhead costs low. We do not anticipate any delays in the mold and soap making process. However, if any unexpected occurrences do arise we will quickly inform our backers through this page.

Please note: The estimated delivery date for the perks given to supporters- that delivery date is based on two main factors: the delivery time for our materials and the delivery time to get the finished rewards to you. It may take some time to get the materials shipped to us, then we have to custom make your soaps, and then ship them to you. So please note this date is an estimate. We will get your homemade soaps to you as soon as we can and we will keep our backers up to date on how the progress goes. Thank you for your time and for supporting us on this campaign!

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