Drinking Ages Around The World

Drinking Ages Around The WorldDrinking Ages Around The Word

Drinking Ages Around The World

The first thing anyone would think when going out to travel (count me in on this) is having fun. Meeting new people, seeing new places, night parties and drinks are just part of the whole itinerary. Unfortunately for some, drinking is either a big NO for them or they are still not allowed.
What is it about beers that everyone is so excited to have a first taste of it? And once they do, they will keep on coming back for more. But hey, let us not just single out beers as your ‘forbidden’ drink here. You may include here all the alcoholic drinks.
Another thing is what is it about alcoholic drinks that they need to put restrictions on age before you can drink or have it?
You may say that this is a dumb question but this is just one trivia for you: one country will allow a minor to drink this with a parental guidance. This means that the law in this country can allow their children to drink alcohols as long as they can see them or they are within reach. This also means there is less restriction on age.

The next thing you’ll say is ‘no way!’

This is true. Some of these countries are South Africa and Burundi. And it may surprise you more when I say that the list can go on and on.Currently, United Kingdom is the only country in the world that legally allow ages 5 to 17 to drink alcohol either in their own house or a friends’ house as long as with parental guidance. How about that?
Believe it or not, I have met some travelers and that the reason why they travel is just because they want to experience drinking alcohols. It is either not allowed in their country or they are still considered a minor – too eager for the experience or just simply crazy? I would say both.
Therefore, if you plan to travel and you are one of the crazy travelers I met, you should know if there are certain restrictions in drinking on the country where you are going to. You might just end up going to a country where it has the same restrictions to where you came from. For your reference, here is a guide of the drinking age restrictions in each country.

Minor Restrictions

Minors can still get away with the drinking restrictions in their country as long as they have the passport, visa and the right age to travel without parental guidance. Since there is no standard age set for all the countries to restrict one on drinking alcohols, minors can go to a place where they would be allowed to. Surprising for USA, a country known for having independent citizens, is still strict about their law that one can only be allowed to drink by the age of 21. You may be considered minor in your country but not in another country. So, for any teenagers seeking the thrill of drinking that ‘still forbidden drink’ for them, they can just travel to another country and their curiosities are fed.
Taking the right amount of alcohols when in a drinking moment with your buddies is very important especially when you are young. Starting to drink at an early age may put you in danger later in your life. This is true if you do not take into considerations the amount of your alcohol intake. It may lead to liver problems, heart diseases, reduced fertility, increased rate for cancer diseases and high blood pressure. These are just some of the long term effect of drinking alcohols. Controlling the way you drink can save your life big time.
Having no standard age on drinking restrictions may only mean one thing: anyone can tolerate this kind of drink. The only bottomline of this fact is – how much can you take?
Most answers would be as long the bar serves it or as long as there is something that you can drink. This is not bad as long as you can still handle it yourself. I am an occasional drinker. And when I do, I do not drink as if there is a contest among my drinking buddies or there is a prize that gets to drink the most. You do not drink to impress anyone around you that you can drink all the bottles in that place. You drink to be merry and have some good times with your office-mates, friends or family.
How about the age?

Control Your Drinking

I have seen one forty year old guy whom after drinking 5 bottles of beers suddenly became a war freak. On the other hand, there is a 17 year old guy, who is the son of my host in one of my trips in South East Asia, who drank a lot of beer and we are still having an intelligent conversation.

I think this is what the other countries have in mind when they put a younger-age restriction on drinking. For them, you can be old and still does not know how to drink accordingly. On the other hand, you can be a sixteen year old guy and still behaving the same way even before you had your first bottle. And if there is really no way for you to avoid drinking more, take a break. It won’t be any harm on your part. Learn to say no when you know you had too much. Take some time to make yourself sober again. At the end of the day, it is all about knowing how much you can take, regardless of age. So, drink responsibly.

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