Dublin: A Great Weekend Away

Dublin: A Great Weekend Away


Dublin is the capital of Ireland, home to over 500,000 people and once the fifth-largest city in Europe. The city offers a wealth of things to do, making it the perfect choice for a long weekend away or a stop on a tour of the country.

The city of Dublin, located in the province of Leinster and the region of Dublin on Ireland’s easy coast, is situated at the mouth of the River Liffey. It is home to the country’s national parliament, the Oireachtas, as well as many other notable landmarks and sights.

One of the most appealing factors about Dublin is its green space. It is the European city with the most green space per square kilometre, with 2.96 hectares per 1,000 people! A grand total of 5,000 trees are planted each year by the council, and there are over 200km of both on- and off-road cycle tracks. While on your holidays in Dublin, sitting and relaxing in one of the numerous parks is a perfect summer pastime if the weather is nice. If not, there is still plenty to keep you entertained.

Dublin Castle is one of the city’s oldest and most interesting sights, which now serves as an Irish government building. The castle dates back centuries, to 1204 when King John of England ordered that a castle with a good defence system be built. Today, the castle is not only a tourist attraction, but also used as a conference centre, arts centre and concert venue.Theatres scatter the city, inviting locals and visitors to enjoy world-class productions and plays. Famous actors who began on Dublin’s artistic scene include Sir Michael Gambon, Gabriel Byrne and Brenda Gleeson. The city is also renowned for its literary

dubline2history; the home town of greats such as George Bernard Shaw and Oscar Wilde and the setting for classics such as James Joyce’s ‘Ulysses’.


Dublin’s nightlife is famous worldwide. The city is extremely popular amongst youngsters; approximately half of Dublin’s citizens are under the age of 25. There is live music on offer regularly, in bars, venues and on the streets, and a rich history of music precedes today’s performers. Dublin is also great for shopping and dining, with one two Michelin-starred restaurant and five one Michelin-starred restaurants to tempt you! A weekend break in Dublin invites shopping, sightseeing, singing and soaking up the sun. The city is great for those looking for an exciting weekend away; perfect for discovering culture, enjoying open spaces and taking in a live band or two.


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