Duty Free and Me

Duty Free and Me

After three days in Las Vegas, soaking up the sun, shopping, dancing and drinking far too much I am now at McCarran International.  I arrived early for my flight and have a bit of time to wander around.  While I sip my Starbucks I find myself standing in front of the duty free shop.  Although I made lots of time for shopping on my short three-day trip I am tempted by all the wonders that this store may hold.  I start off by sampling the glorious smells in the perfume area.  I’m tempted to purchase my favourite Dior perfume but notice the price isn’t all that different from home.  To be honest most everything I look at isn’t much cheaper.  As a stand in front of that perfume counter I try to remember if I’ve ever actually bought anything in a duty free shop.duty1

Saving Money

I recall one time in Mexico, Cancun specifically.  My girlfriends and I had planned a trip for spring break.  It was everything you could imagine a spring break in Cancun would be for three single girls.  I had run out of cigarettes and a gentleman I had met in the airport mentioned how cheap American cigarettes were. He said that you could also get them even cheaper at the duty free.  Why not?  I thought.  I’m always up for saving money.  So after an exhausting effort on my part to figure out which cigarettes would be most like the ones I smoked at home I purchased an entire carton of Marlboros.  I was so excited by how much money I had saved until I got out of the airport at home and lit one up. My efforts were completely wasted because no matter how much money I saved, I was never going to smoke a Marlboro again!  I managed to sell the carton to a guy I worked with for the same price I paid for it so it wasn’t a complete loss and I had learned my lesson. No more Marlboros for this girl.

Stolen Purse

I give my head a shake as I laugh at the memory playing out in my head.  I walk away from


the perfume counter and move forward in my search for hidden treasures.  The only other thing that I can remember buying in a duty free shop is liquor after a fairly dramatic trip to Los Angeles.  I had my purse stolen three hours before our flight and learned the hard way that you should never travel with every single piece of identifying information in your wallet.  Thank-fully we were in one of the thirteen American cities that have a Canadian Consulate.  The lady that helped us was wonderful and we managed to

fly out the next day with a temporary passport in hand and a big bottle of Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum in the other.


I continue walking around the duty free shop and discover that I am in front of a giant rack of the best kinds of chocolate this planet has to offer.  I pursue the shelves and grab a few different kinds to purchase.  Whether or not the chocolate is a good deal doesn’t matter, it’s chocolate and that makes this girl very happy.  I grab a few extras to give to my friends and then head to the checkout.


Alcohol and Cigarettes

What I have discovered about duty-free isn’t all that surprising.  You can get a great deal on cigarettes and liquor, however everything else is just reasonably priced.  It is still a wonderful experience, if you are somewhat of a shopaholic like me and it is a great way to kill time between flights.  Then there are the times you discover something in a duty-free shop that makes you swoon with happiness, like chocolate. These are the times when reasonably priced is always, all right.

This article was made with the great assistance of By: Catherine O’Hanley a freelance writer in North America.

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