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You know me. You know me well. I have never been the “stay-at-home” type. I always felt better when I was incredibly busy rather than when I had nothing to do but watch daytime television. This past year has been absolutely wonderful! You would not believe the things I’ve seen and the fascinating, caring people I’ve met. You won’t believe how incredible my story is. Now that I look at it, everything seems like a novel. As a matter of fact, I’ve been thinking about actually writing a book. Know here Easy Click Travel – review.

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Exclusive Hotel Deals

But we’re getting too far ahead. Let’s go to the start. One year ago, everything was falling apart. I had obviously picked the wrong career and the wrong guy. I was obviously in the wrong place. It was almost a physical sensation of pain. Not sleeping, not eating and struggling to keep up with my enthusiastic coworkers – all these challenges developed from an almost unnoticed itch to a real wound. Yes, I was stuck, burnt out.

Then, I went by a sports and camping equipment store. And I saw it, the perfect backpack. It struck me out of nowhere. I just HAD to have it. It was stylish and beautiful and somehow, it called me to it. Yes, I have always been “that kind” to whom things actually speak. Never mind that, though. I bought it and happily returned home to my fiance. “What’s that for?” was the beginning of the end of that relationship. We would have fallen apart sooner or later, anyway. Next day, I went to my boss and turned in my resignation. I had had enough!

Thanks to the fact that I have never been much of a spender and that my IT income was pretty impressive (yes, I did not like what I was doing, but I was damn good at it), I had a lovely stash of money saved up. I used it through the first month of watching TV and reading books. Still, I wanted more. I did not want to READ about Rome, Cancun or Hawaii. I wanted to touch them, to smell them, to taste them. I wanted to be there! I just had to! Just as I HAD to have that backpack.

Exactly one year ago today, I opened my Internet browser and searched and planned and dreamed, but no matter how much planning I did, at some point things still did not meet. At some point, something was not as perfect as I really wanted it to be. I had almost given up when I saw a photo of my former college roommate with penguins in Antarctica.  Yeah, she posted it on Facebook with the comment that she got to Tierra del Fuego thanks to Easy Click Travel at exciting world travels. Easy click what? Of course, I went there instantly. And a world of opportunities opened up.Yes, this was IT! This was the HQ of the place where dreams come true. In only one site, I could book all the destinations, everything I wanted, from hotels, to flights and even activities. MAGIC, I’m telling you! The only problem was there was so much to choose. It was hard to actually make the choice. I wanted them all at once: South America, Morocco AND Italy. Argh. You know I have always been bit bi-polar (not necessarily in the actual medical sense of the word, but you get it). And now, I was tri-polar. Jesus. Decisions, decisions…

While I was moving around the Easy Click Travel site, I realized that everything was www.excitingworldtravels.com than I had thought. They had this special offer for those who book through their site that helped me save A LOT of money. But, no matter how cheap it was, I could not be in three places at once. I may be a superwoman, but that’s out of my league.  And that’s when it started to blink before my eyes. They had great exciting world travels I got the cheapest, a special package for Cancun starting at $492. I decided to be spontaneous from then on. And it was the best decision I ever made in my life.

I fled to Mexico and fell immediately in love. Mexico opened my eyes to the wonderful world out there. Then, I took a package for Rome at $699. As the final days of my stay in the Land of Pizza and Pasta were approaching, I realized I did not want to go back to the USA so soon. I went back to Easy Click travel at exciting world travels and booked a flight for Amsterdam. The whole process was so easy and smooth!

I expected my trip to the Netherlands to be as exciting as the previous ones, but I was wrong. It was the best experience of my life! Nothing will ever compare to it. On the second day after my arrival in Amsterdam, I went to one of their European cafés, and I ordered one of their specialties. Next to me was this tall, black-haired guy who had a laptop and seemed pretty absorbed in what he was doing. I obviously became nervous because I ended up spilling my coffee over his shoes. Sounds like a chick-lit? Wait for it. As I was making excuses, I could not help but notice that he was working on a phone app. He was a programmer! Just like me! Shamelessly, I asked him how come he can have coffee in a place like that and work at the same time. No, that was not his hobby and he did not take some “homework” to get everything done for the boss. He was actually working! He was a freelancer. Fascinated, I started to ask him more and more, and that’s when I realized I could live a long time doing what he does and travelling at the same time. I was on my way to living my dream!

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Exclusive Hotel Deals

I am writing to you from Hawaii. Eventually, I’ll book a flight closer to home. In a year of travelling from place to place, I have discovered so many beautiful stories, stories of success, sometimes even sad stories, but they were all beautiful. That’s what my book will be about. Last, but not least, I would like to invite you, my friend, to New York. Easy Click Travel at exciting world travels  has a great offer starting at $504, and I really want you to come with me. Don’t worry. This site works with the best of the best hotels.  The quality of Easy Click Travel’s service providers is really high so don’t delay. Meet me in Central Park!



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