Eating Right When Traveling

Eating Right When Traveling

Staying healthy and Eating Right when traveling is always a challenge but especially so when traveling.  The temptation to eat out, indulge in fast-food, and break your diet and eating norms is at its highest.  This dilemma is only compounded for those who have a very specialized diet.  Travelers who are vegetarian or vegan find they need some extra planning in order to enjoy their trips while keeping to their dietary commitment.

485784_s Eating Right When TravelingSome helpful tips include:

  1. Research our destination beforehand.  Find out if the place you are visiting is culturally a meat eating society or if they lean more towards a vegetarian and pasta way of eating. Also if you know the hotels and specific dinner you will be eating at and visiting, research and contact them before hand to see if they offer special meals.
  2. Make arrangements with the airline or cruise beforehand to change your meal plan to meet your needs.  If you are traveling by bus or car or some means where you will be responsible for your own food during travel, bring plenty of snacks.  Pack your favorites and pack a lot to make sure you have enough to hold you over until you arrive at your destination.
  3. If you are traveling to a location that has markets, you have a better chance of sticking to your diet as you can freely buy fruits and vegetables, nuts and grains.  They may not be the ones you are use to buying back home, but you can stick to your vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.
  4. Avoid late-night arrivals at your hotels as this is when menu selections are likely to be slim and the staff maybe not as up to date or willing to pull strings to get you your meal the way you need it.
  5. Sometimes you have to make the best of what you have.  Business meetings and long conferences can lead to food dilemmas.  Often times requesting vegan food will result in vegetarian dishes being brought out; few people truly understand the full scope of vegan eating.  In these situations, you could take the meal and just eat what you can.  A chicken dish with rice and steamed veggies will not be idea but you can still eat the rice and vegetables and leave the chicken.
  6. Sometimes it is easier to travel alone. It can be hard enough to battle your own temptations let along the pressure from multiple traveling companions.  If you can travel with people of similar thought and needs, then it is easier to stick to your commitment and it is also easier to adjust and adapt when you have a support group to work with.5478697_s Eating Right When Traveling

With the added pressure and work that comes with living the vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, one may wonder why people would even consider it.  For some it is simply a matter of personal conviction, especially for the devoted animal lover or for those who disagree with the way animals are treated before and during slaughter. Others opt for this type of lifestyle for health reasons where meat does not lend themselves to goo healthy habits.

Whatever your reasoning may be, when you decide to live as a vegan or vegetarian you will encounter difficulties when traveling.  This does not however, mean you have to suffer and that you cannot enjoy yourself while traveling.  It simply means you have to do a little more preparation beforehand and be a little more creative during your travels.  You can still get out and enjoy all that the world has to offer!

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