Product Reviewed: Sensodyne Cool Gel Tooth Paste

Date: 5th January, 2014

It is a nightmare to have sensitive teeth problem to someone who loves chocolates and enjoys ice creams.  I have a sweet tooth but my teeth were painfully sensitive to chocolates and cakes.  Even in hot summers, I could not drink chilled water or relish ice creams because of my sensitive teeth.  There were times I tried to ignore this and ate chocolates and drank cold but it would send a jolt of pain through my mouth. Then I tried using different tooth pastes [all known brands], but it was a temporary relief.  My Dentist advised me to try Sensodyne Cool Gel.  It worked as an elixir for me.http://www.herbspro.com/c/herbs.htm

Sensodyne Cool Gel Tooth Paste kept its promises.  I would recommend it speciallyfor those who have sensitive teeth and are prone to oral cavities.  Its fluoride content prevents cavities and potassium nitrate reduces painful sensitivity.  Besides, your breath feels fresh throughout the day.  Initially, I tried it after every meal, now I use it twice a day.  I shared my experience with my colleagues and friends who often advised me to avoid sugar, hot and cold items.  They are impressed with the product and its benefits.  Most of them are using it and enjoying the benefits.

My job demands lot of travel and stay away from home for weeks together.  While packing stuff, I realized Sensodyne was on my shopping list but found it was off the shelf in some major stores. I could not afford to relive the painful sensitivity. I could not dare travelling without Sensodyne.  My friends suggested me to look for online stores, but frankly, I always found it lethargic to search on the website, place the order, pay online, wait for the consignment, track it and was skeptical, if online payment is secure and if the consignment will be delivered in perfect condition.

On my friends and family persuasion, I browsed a couple of online stores.  Alas! I was so right.  There was so much of unwanted information, cumbersome procedures to ship, too many terms and conditions.  I made up my mind to revisit the store where I often purchase my grocery and request them to get the product as I am in bad and urgent need of it.  Surprisingly, the store manager was kind enough to advise that it will take some time for them to get the product and instead I can visit the website Herbspro.com.  I told him about my bitterness for online shopping but he assured me saying, trust me, it will not be the same.

I googled Herbspro.com with lot of distaste and doubts in mind.  As I began looking at the features, products, product information, offers, reviews, shipment procedures, etc. all doubts, literally, disappeared.  There is no redundant information.  Everything is crisp and clear. One can search for the product by brand, category, herb or vitamin. You can click on the clearance sale tab and find products available at a discount price of 20-50%. There are tens of thousands of products in its kitty.  Its inventory includes top brand nutritional supplements, vitamins, cosmetics, pet care products, etc. Even the branded products were available at very affordable prices. Must say, it’s a one-stop online store. My distaste for online shopping turned into a pleasant experience and Herbspro.com has become my lifetime friend now.
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Being a first time online shopper, I was filled with doubts about the entire procedure.  I wanted to be assured and reassured.  I called up the Customer Care service for information and guidance.  Awesome is the word for their service. They are well informed, thoroughly professional, unbelievably patient, quick in processing and addressing all your queries. They also informed that I can place my order by phone at no extra charge. This came as a relief as sometimes we do have bad internet connection and ordering by phone was so easy.

I was under the impression that Herbspro has some middlemen who would ship the ordered product to you, but it isn’t so.  Herbspro ships the product fresh and direct from its warehouse to the customer.

The payment is procedure is simple too. They accept all major credit cards and provide the facility of paying by checks and money order. While paying online, I was concerned about sharing the sensitive information, but Customer care clarified that information saying that Herbspro is Verisign secure 128 bit encryption SSL certificate on their website. This gave me a peace of mind.

As I was traveling another big advantage I had from Herbspro is that they can deliver to P.O.Boxes through USPS, so I didn’t had to worry about sharing my information of stay, etc.The option of rush delivery was fantastic.

After I returned back, I enquired if I can place order and pick up from the store. They had this option too, once the order is ready, I got a call to come and pick up from the store.

Since then, Herbspro has become my go to place for all kinds of herbal supplements, supplements, vitamins and beauty care, cosmetics. The best part of using Herbspro is almost all the products are always in stock, in case they didn’t, I was able to place an order for the Out of stock product, and I get notified immediately as it becomes available, most of the time it was not more than 2-3 days.


Once mistakenly I ordered a wrong product, and wished to cancel it. I realized it immediately and called in a few hours. As the product was not shipped, Herbspro customer care was kind enough to cancel the order. Another great option which Herbspro provides is, their return and refund policy of a “No Questions” 30-day return policy.

Unlike most of the websites which throw unwanted details, Herbspro.com has very useful information which is actually essential for our general health.  On the left side, one could see featured articles on various health issues. There is wellness/ health library which talks about health of various age groups, women, fitness in general, etc. It helped me enrich my knowledge about some very common issues.


I was really fascinated with the health tools link.  Name a thing and you have it there.  It enriched my knowledge about the healthy diet, what is my BMI, body fat, foods I should avoid and a lot more.  I recommended it to my family, friends and colleagues.


Cooking healthy food is also made easy on Herbspro.  I could find recipes which are healthy, less time consuming, low fat, low/ high calorie yet delectable.  Salads and the Vegetable Fried Rice with Tofu are my personal favorites.  The dessert recipes were yummy.  I tried most of the recipes. It brought a new, positive, healthy change in my diet plan.  My friends often compliment me for that.


For a first timer, simply visit the website, go to the FAQs and bingo, you get answers for all the questions asked and unasked.


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