Expat Europe – Top 10 Reasons To Live In France

Expat Europe – Top 10 Reasons To Live In France

We look at the best things about the country for expats who choose France as a location

There was a time – before the European currency, and before the world became more global and connected, when there were far fewer UK expats in France as compared to today. But given that it’s the nation next door – and only about 20 miles from Dover to Calais, the nations have long been expat destinations for people who are nationals of both countries.

These days the UK and France expat thing is often in the news – with so many French expats in the UK that they even have their own member for the French parliament in London. France is of course in the top ten of UK expat destinations, and it’s number one for high net worth individuals (HNIs) from the UK who live overseas.
So what are the top 10 reasons to become an expatriate in France?

10 – Proximity to the UK means that getting home isn’t a hassle when you want to go see friends and family.rental 2

9 – Going somewhere like France may not mean travelling far, but if you’re looking to learn a new language as well as get steeped in a new culture, then it’s ideal, especially if you remember some French from school as the basis for building your language skills.

8 – Geography – France has great coastlines and beaches and there are some pretty good surf spots too. Although not – obviously – on the Mediterranean coast. And there are the Alps too, for a real taste of stunning mountain scenery. France is also great for exploring Europe, with Belgium, Germany, Italy, Germany and Switzerland all bordering it.

7 – Wine. If you like a drop of red (or white

or Champagne) to go with dinner, France offers an unbelievable choice. And it’s often cheap, too. Some local wines can be very pleasant and still cost less than thee Euros.6 – Groovy shops. Even if you’re staying in a smallish town, chances are that the boulangerie (bakery) and charcuterie (butcher’s shop) will be of a very high standard indeed.

5 – The weather. Okay so not all of France is sunny all the time and the weather in the north can be pretty similar to that of the southern bits of the UK – but if you find yourself in, say, Le Midi, then the word ‘summer’ takes on a whole new meaning. Crickets chirping loudly all day, and al fresco dinners in the warmth of evening, even when it’s dark.

4 – French cities. From

Marseilles all the way up to Lille, France has a diverse and vibrant collection of cities – and of course its beautiful capital Paris offers some of the very best cityscapes on the entire planet.

3 – Quality of life. France is world renowned for its healthcare as well as its healthy diet, and

2 – Cuisine. The French are a nation who really know how to do dinner. Whether you’re in a modest restaurant or at the home of friends, dinner is treated with real respect. And if you’re shopping for food, check out the local markets for some fantastic produce, amazing seafood, and general tasty treats.

1. It’s France! All of the above reasons combined make this one of the reasons why it’s a top expat destination – and the most recent figures show that France is home to over a quarter of a million expars from the UK.

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