Expedia: the Grand Old Daddy of Full- Service Travel Web Sites

Expedia: the Grand Old Daddy of Full- Service Travel Web Sites

Expedia has been around a long time. So long, in fact, some of us using it today were in kindergarten around the time it all started.
Travel’s what we’re all about; we live it, breath it, write about it and when that’s done? We do it again. So if travel is so important, how does the rookie start? Well you could try starting the way I did, here’s how…a expedia
Decide on the spur-of-the-moment to drive up to the mountains for the weekend. What a great idea. Throw some stuff in a bag, toss in the car, pick up a friend, gas up and head for the hills. Realize when you get there, it’s a long weekend and the only place you’re going to get a room is at the Cockroach Motel. And everything goes downhill from there…
My excuse is I was only 19 at the time! I’d have saved myself so much pain and misery had I used the internet. Sleeping in the car for two days, I was stiff for a week! Just reconnoitering on Expedia.com would have alerted me that the places to stay in Tahoe were booked up. Had I gone online to Expedia and checked out the “Deals & Offers” tab, I’d have found a page with the title “find your spontaneity.” Here’s where you get Expedia’s last-minute travel deals.

Don’t Waste Time, Go Online

Get Great Deals at Expedia!

OK, so now, I’m older and wiser, and this is what I’ve learnt. Don’t even pack, until you plan! There are several other full-service, travel websites and each one has its good points but for a remarkable blend of global know-how and local resources, go to the experts at Expedia.com. The US-based internet giant has localized travel websites for 30 countries from the UK to Singapore.
Because Travel is such a big part of my life, I’ve used most of the largest travel agencies on the internet. What Expedia.com offers is a one-stop, travel shop with competitive pricing and quick flight searches. This is where you can book your airline tickets, reserve a room in the hotel of your choice, and even plan a cruise.
Want to take the family to Disneyworld? What about Knottsberry Farm or Sea World? No problem, book online with Expedia.com and how about reserving your rental car while you’re at it. Add the huge number of special attractions you can book, like tours, other theme parks, shows, and even the airport shuttle and you’ll wonder why you didn’t go to Expedia long ago. The Deals & Offers and vacation packages are inspiring, especially if you are visiting a destination for the first time.
When one website offers this much in the way of information and the tools for planning you next vacation, you’d worry that it may be clunky to get around. But the nicest thing about Expedia.com is its easy-to-navigate layout. All the information that you need to get started is presented openly. The home page is clearly laid out and gets straight to business with a “Plan Your Trip on Expedia” box in the upper left hand side.
The Tabs are obviously organized for ease of use and Expedia offers some very useful additions to the standard format. Try “Traveler’s Tools” for maps, directions, currency converters and more. There’s an “Explore Cruising” section on the “Cruises” page for information for, first time cruisers, destinations & ports, cruise lines & ships, shore excursions and passport requirements. Other things you’ll find in the side bars are “Travel Advisories”, “Travel Essentials” and a link where you can get all the passport and visa information you’ll need.
Expedia.ca: Bag a Bargain Sale! Save BIG on your Next Vacation on Places like Niagara Falls, Paris, and Las Vegas with Expedia.ca! – Expires 11/30/14.

A Website as Mobile as You Are

Want to get all the latest travel deals from Expedia on your mobile? Download the free app, available from the website, and get the best travel bargains on your iPhone, iPad, Android or tablet. Just scroll down the home page and below the fold, you’ll find “Expedia Everywhere.”
If you sign up on the website, you’ll be able to set up “Fare Tracker”. This sends out emails to advise you about best prices to specific destinations. You’ll also be able to have the website keep track of your frequent flyer miles.
Expedia account holders enjoy these benefits as well; faster checkouts, saved trip itineraries, and quick access to best offers for favorite destinations. You’ll be able to easily earn points towards travel rewards with Expedia Rewards®, and become fully eligible for coupons.
But there’s even more. Expedia will help you make the most of your trip after you’ve arrived. If you’re looking for dinner reservations, recommendations or even activities, many exciting vacation destinations now have an Expedia Local Expert™ desk that can help.

Your 24/7 Travel Agenta expedia

One of Expedia’s features that allows me peace of mind is the availability of help and not just online. Real live humans you can speak to are just a phone call away. You can call or email them anytime for 24-hour support before, during and after your trip.
The selection of options is staggering with over 140,000 hotels, 130 airlines and millions of customer (guest) reviews. With that many choices, it’s easy to become dazed and confused but there’s a lot of information to help you make an intelligent decision.

Be Inspired by “Find Yours”

Getting back to the home page on Expedia.com, you’ve found out where to get the app for your mobile, you’ve checked out the cruises, seen where the last minute deals are. How about something different?
Looking for something to uplift, motivate, and inspire you? If you have any doubts about the ability of travel to be a force for change and a transformational experience, then you need to go and take a look at this! “Find Yours” is a collection of short, poignant videos. These inspirational stories, illustrate the power of travel to alter ordinary lives. I challenge you to come away from these short videos untouched! Impossible… really wonderful stuff that hits home where the heart is.
Follow cancer survivor, Maggie on Find Your Strength, or young father, Daniel on Find Your Perspective. In Find Your Understanding, Artie Goldstein faces a journey that changes him in unexpected ways and in Find Your Courage, Donjia discovers something special by facing her fears.

Altogether, there are fifteen videos in this collection that sheds a lot of light on the Expedia.com ethos. Go ahead and watch them. You won’t be sorry.

Expedia Backs You Up

I hope I’ve convinced you to try Expedia.com. As a complete online travel service, for all your travel needs, not just flights and hotels, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more comprehensive site. Expedia sends you detailed emails with all the information you’ll need and advises you to keep copies of these arrangements with you. All this information is also saved on the website as your itinerary.

It’s easy to use, with competitive prices. The plethora of options and wealth of resources means I always check Expedia.com first. Although from time to time, I’ll have a look around other Internet agencies, I always end up back at Expedia.
The good search options and valuable information keep me coming back. And I always save money when I choose Expedia.com to handle my travel requirements.
This is my disclosure to inform that with my list of affiliates and business on this website. That I review and promote with the relationships with the merchants in question. I receive a small commission based on sales of all products.
My opinion of those products are not affected by any factors outside or inside of that relationship. Nor am I influenced by other marketing schemes to change or alter my opinions of the products and services I promote. My reviews and opinions are all factual and straight forward at all times. Therefore I accept no liability or responsibility to opinions that others may claim unlawful and untrust.

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