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Facebook for Travellers and How is Facebook used by travelers?

14515208_s Facebook for TravellersSocial networking is a perfect medium for connecting people from all around the globe. Different cultures, races, religions and ages join and become one united community with people sharing thoughts, feelings, experiences and future aspirations. As part of the overall benefit from networking, backpackers seem to particularly prefer to use Facebook as their means of getting the information they need before they start travelling to a favorite destination.

Facebook can cover all aspects regarding travelling, from initial planning as to when and how to get to a place to where and what do eat, which spot has the best skyline and who cooks the best traditional food.

But, let’s start from the beginning… and start listing options that Facebook is, or can be, used so as to enhance travelling experiences.


There are many people that don’t have a favorite destination. In fact they might not even have planned any trip on their calendars. It all starts with a friend that has been to a place and has uploaded pictures from his trip and what he has done and seen there. After seeing the pictures and comments from the trip, other friends might also want to 13310118_s Facebook for Travellersvisit that place and subconsciously they have created the desire to plan a trip to the same destination. Possibly the do, and the next thing you know, is their uploaded photos from their trip! If they have discovered any new and exciting places to visit, any new restaurants to have dinner, any new spots that only natives know(and now them, so…also you!) or fascinating leisure. then they inform their friends about it. So, the next one who plans to visit that particular destination, has new upgraded info that ensure more relaxing and fun vacation.

While seeing photos or even videos from other people’s travels it is logical to imagine yourself partying, walking and having a good time (yes, even more than that passed on from the photos you see!!) in the city, mountain, island or country. So…there you go…


Another way that Facebook could become a greet assistant to all travelers, is if it is used so as to find co-travelers. Although such is considered a bit hazardous, since you will be sharing yours days with complete strangers, there are many people, mostly youths, that have no problem in doing these kind of trips.

16915896_s Facebook for TravellersHowever, this won’t have to be any risky at all and I can tell from first hand, since I have myself traveled with some of my Facebook friends, even though we had never met before. To tell the truth, I had joined a Facebook fun page about the most beautiful places one could visit and details as to which places to visit and which is the best time of year to have your holidays there. I found out that there were namy people with the same interests and way of thinking and that is how nice friendships started. After a year chatting, talking and sharing views, it hit us: Why not try to set a meeting point somewhere in the middle and set out for a destination we particularly liked? That is how 5 people from Canada, England, Greece, Germany and a couple from the United States decided to meet and head off for Spain. It was the most awesome experience I have had, since they were all so much fun to be with and we had such a great time backpacking, camping, fishing, exploring, hiking, biking and partying! I would never have imagined that I could make such good friends with people I haven’t shared experiences before and haven’t connected with, but I am so happy I took the step and travelled with my friends. Now, after 5 years, we still get together during summer and perform small excursions that bond us more. I was even invited for Christmas by my friends from Germany and I had my friends from Canada and the United States over during summer!


Facebook is a fine means of communication, when a travellers wants to get in touch with people back at home, friends, family…

When I am not backpacking, I take my laptop with me and once I am finished with sightseeing and exploring the 16915896_s Facebook for Travellersnew place I have been to, I just pick a nice cafe and relax chatting with my friends from Facebook. I always like learning what’s new and I am always anxious to telling them how I have been. What is more, now that live chats via the camera are available, communication is so much fun, easy and convenient it’s always a pleasure having my both pc and technology at my service preventing me from feeling homesick (especially when I am travelling for business, when working hours are tough and need a sense of «family-like» communication).

Of course, there are new options that Facebook has offered its users that allow them to get tagged whenever they are at a place, anywhere in the world: from a swimming pool to the tops of a mountain. That way, friends that happen to be around the same spot can meet up and have some fun, or maybe somebody who lives in the tagged place and knows the person who tagged the place or got tagged by another user, can give instructions or ideas as to how to have even more fun.


It is no hidden secret that Facebook is a welcoming place that not only individuals can share things with the world, but also travel ag

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encies. It is common that agencies often provide great traveling deals to their fans, with reduced prices and well-organized tours. Such deals are very beneficial to members of the fan page that can have a low-cost ticket to a destination that appeals to them.

I was enormously impressed when a friend of mine, reserved a room in a 5-star hotel and had the most marvelous time of her life, by utilizing a weekend offer for a place that was considered to be one of the best winter destinations in Greece.


Horizons are widened with the use of Facebook while travelling and people seem to enjoy its benefits more and more within each passing day. On the other hand, Facebook admins and designers are really looking forward to new ways of communication, thus enhancing Facebook’s usage. Getting reliable knowledge and information from people that have been to the place you want to visit is really appreciated and opening the doors to other people that want to travel to a place to have been to is also truly valuable. It is a chain reaction that leads to happy traveling and memorable experiences.

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