Feel the extreme Arctic adventure at Norway

Feel the extreme Arctic adventure at Norway

Well-known for its spectacular wildlife, gorgeous fjords, and breathtaking attractions, Norway is undeniably Europe’s most starling countries. The people are extremely fond of their customs and traditions, cultural beliefs, and history. Ergo, if you want to explore this Scandinavian wonder you should prepare yourself for an unforgettable adventure.


Norway – a supreme Arctic adventure

How much do you love winter? Apart from being packed with virgin wildlife and unspoiled regions, Norway is additionally mysterious yet really cold. One of its most soothing locations is Geirangerfjord, a fjord that stretches on 20 km of beautiful stream. Onsite travelers will have the chance to enjoy a soothing ferry ride that will leave them speechless. The fjord is additionally a World Heritage site adorned with spectacular sight, emerald-green waters, and dazzling scenery.

Continue your Arctic adventure through Norway by visiting Lofoten Islands, a hiking place for adventurers looking to have the time of their life. On the isle you’ll be really impressed with the traditional villages, beautiful surroundings, and razor-sharp peaks. Norway is famous for its natural attractions and interesting phenomena. The northern lights, also known as the aurora borealis, will surely cast a spell on avid travelers. Note that you must really be lucky to see it, so you’d better travel to Norway during the months of October and March.

Mountaineering experiences

Your Arctic adventure to Norway should also include a visit to the country’s best cities. Bergen is one of Europe’s most incredible travel spots. Trapped by the Seven Mountains, the natural world of this fabulous town will definitely impress international voyageurs hunting for exclusive destinations to photograph and explore. Bergen is an excellent destination for tourists fond of trekking and hiking, so make sure that you’re properly equipped if you’re including Bergen on your Arctic travel itinerary.

Exciting World Travels - Norway

Continue your Norwegian expedition with Svalbard, a secluded archipelago that’s positioned really close to the Arctic Ocean. Over half of this place is covered in snow, but if you’re a professional exploring it shouldn’t be a problem. Some of its best sites include fjords and icy peaks, the perfect Arctic outlook.

For something a bit more relaxing and not that demanding, you are welcomed to visit the Jotunheimen National Park, a beautiful destination perfect for fishing and hiking. The name of park means ‘home of the giants’ and that’s because the attractions rises above all other Norway’s natural wonders. With nearly 60 glaciers and 270 summits with heights over 2,000m, the park is additionally the official home of Norway’s uppermost mountain peak, the Galdhøpiggen.

The abundant Norwegian wildlife

Norway’s wildlife is extremely diverse, in spite of its harsh temperatures. Huskies cannot wait for tourists to hop on a shed and race throughout the country’s most remote locations. These types of daily trips are pretty common in the winter, and it’s an excellent opportunity for fortune-hunters to really experience an arctic adventure. Dive into the country’s quietness and prepare yourself to see Norway’s most superb northern sceneries.

Tourists should expect to see polar bears, Arctic foxes, reindeer, and numerous other types of animal species. The coast is additionally spectacular due to the array of birds, and if you’re lucky enough take a look off shore where the beautiful whales will put on an unforgettable performance.

Exciting World Travels - Norway

Cities and culture

As far as the cities are concerned, Norway’s capital and main city is Oslo. Packed with beautiful art galleries and museums, the metropolis is the country’s major cultural hub. Over the years, Oslo has managed to develop a lot, and its newly-built opera house is the start of a major urbanization project.

Another city worth including on your list is Tromsø, which is an excellent spot for people who want to be with 400 km closer to the Arctic Circle. Ideal for the young generation of people, Tromsø features plenty of pubs, cafes, clubs, universities and students. It offers great entertainment opportunities, so if you’re looking to have fun in Norway, make sure to check it out.

As you can see, Norway can be every traveler’s dream destination. It offers great activities, spectacular mountains, and rich wildlife that will be imprinted in your memory forever. Pick the most daring and exciting vacation spots in the world, and opt for an extreme Arctic adventure in Norway if you really want to have the time of your life exploring Scandinavia.

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