Final Time of Trip

Final Time of Trip October 5th, 2010

DAY 6 and day 7 of Charleston to Atlanta, Georgia

Get up this morning and sadly is last day of my trip, well I have to just fly home tomorrow, but today I head back to Atlanta, Georgia.

Final Time of TripGet up and have more breakfast and have 2 waffles today, then check out of hotel with Sophie, the front desk girl, who was very nice.

Then up the Savannah HWY to get some gas then off to Atlanta, it is a long way back about 5 and half hours to Atlanta, Have a lunch stop in some town at Wendy;s which was actually not too bad actually.

The drive back many people could be seen on the side of the road pulled over by police for speeding. I would say almost every 5 to 10 miles.

At one point I almost did myself, as I was passing some transports in a no passing zone going down hill on a bridge, I was going over 90mph when I went right by the State Trooper who had his radar gun out and for sure got me in range. I quickly reduced my speed to below the legal limit. At that moment the trooper came up behind me but had not lights on nor did I get pulled over. He followed me for over 30 minutes right on my bumper but did not pull me over, in which he then sped off quickly in the distance. I from then take it safe and drive slow all way back to Atlanta.

Once into Atlanta check into the hotel Sleep Inn again and drop my bags I then decide to go drive downtown to check things out, little did I know most things close early in October so my plans to visit the Coca Cola HQ and CNN were done as they were already closed.

Also I got stuck in city traffic for over an hour in which nothing moved. I then later was able to park downtown and walk around for a few hours. Seem liked a really nice city, I know will eventually go back to Atlanta and check out CNN building next time.

That evening just a poor mans supper from Kroger grocery and have many sandwiches a carton 2L of chocolate milk, then a bag of nacos with salsa dip and a bottle of coke. So much food I left some over for breakfast in the morning.

Overall was an amazing trip to which I would love to visit the southern lower states again. I hope you enjoyed my little blog and I will be including some reviews later on.

Thank you and feel free to contact me on if you plan to travel that way one day. Cheers

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