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Here is some info about how to find Rentals and for the people who want to turn their second home to vacation rental. I hope this article will help you.

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My first experience with was this past April, but that experience definitely will not be my last. To start, a little background might be necessary: I am a born and bred Chicagoan, and never imagined myself living anywhere but the Windy City. However, last year, I decided to apply to graduate school, and the best program I got into was Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. It was not my dream to leave Chicago, but the time had come.

Perhaps the worst part about leaving Chicago was the knowledge that I would have to look for a new apartment in a city I knew absolutely nothing about. My mom agreed to help me, so in April 2012, we both took time off work and flew to Atlanta to scour the town for a place for me to live. We decided to stay about a week so I could find the perfect place and sign a lease for the next coming August.

Because I didn’t yet live in Atlanta, and because neither of us knew anything at all about the city, we had an issue: where were we going to stay once we got down there? I was all for booking some terrible hotel somewhere, primarily because I thought it would be the easiest and the cheapest route, but my mom talked me out of that idea. She had used before in the past and absolutely loved it. She pointed out the benefits to me – because we were staying in people’s homes, the properties were usually in pretty cool and desirable parts of the city, they had kitchens so we didn’t have to eat out every meal, and, especially beneficial for a trip of our nature, they were a much better way to get to know the city in which I would soon be living. Which would give me a more authentic Atlantan experience for our scouting trip, she argued – a sterile Days Inn or an actual home? Would a hotel or a vacation rental help me get to know the city and help me decide in which area I wanted to live? Seeing her logic, I agreed.

My mom wanted me to book the rental because, in her view, it was more important we stayed in a place and in a location I liked, because she was not the one who would be eventually moving to Atlanta. I was a little apprehensive, because I had never really stayed anywhere but hotels on previous trips, and I wasn’t sure if booking a vacation rental would be especially complicated or frustrating. I really needn’t have worried. The website was an absolute breeze to use. On the first page, there is a map of the United States, and you simply click on the state which you want to visit. After I clicked on Georgia, I could apply filters like the specific city I wanted, the dates I would be in the city, my minimum and maximum weekly rates, even criteria like whether or not I would be bringing a pet with me or if I wanted a pool or a hot tub! They definitely do not let you get that specific when you are trying to book a hotel. also had some outstanding deals on offer; we ended up booking our rental for 20% off its original price, and there were lots more properties with similar deals available. One aspect of the website I explored a bit, but didn’t really get a chance to take full advantage of, was the vacation ideas and travel tips section. Because of the business-like nature of our trip, we weren’t really going to have a ton of time for pleasure, so that was an aspect of the website that I didn’t spend a ton of time with. However, it looked like it would be great if I were taking a trip with friends or family, or if I wanted some brainstorming ideas on where to take my next vacation. I’ll definitely take a closer look at that and utilize its suggestions next time. Overall, I was incredibly impressed with how easy the website was to use., Find Rentals home

Vacation Rental

After I was done playing around with the website, I settled on a rental in an area of Atlanta known as Buckhead. That ended up being the absolute perfect location for our needs, by the way –’s blurb about the property claimed that it would be centrally located, exciting, and dynamic, and they were definitely right. It was a great base from which to explore and get to know Atlanta, and after a long day of apartment hunting, there were nice places around to sit and have a glass of wine and discuss my various options with my ever-patient mother. And what was so great was that not only was our property nicer than a hotel, it was cheaper! I probably saved 50 bucks a night (or more, when you consider we could cook at the property instead of continually going out to restaurants) by the end of my trip. And 50 bucks a night for a week… that is significant!

The process of actually booking a property was fantastically easy, as well. We simply signed an agreement and paid a security deposit, and that was it! Checking in couldn’t have been more of a breeze;’s customer service team was very helpful in helping us figure out how to get into our property once we had arrived. We had no problems during our stay, and paying the bill was a cinch. Seriously, everything about the process was easy and carefree.

And did I mention that the actual property was gorgeous? Maybe this was a function of being in the neighborhood we were in, but the property was to die for. A luxury condo with hardwood floors, giant floor to ceiling glass windows that gave us a phenomenal view of Atlanta, marble counters, spacious bedrooms… and clean, clean, clean! It had everything we could have ever wanted. All I could think about as we explored our home for the next week was how many times I had checked into a hotel and had to call down about a dead bug on the rug or unchanged sheets. That was not a problem with this property – not even a little bit.

I think, thought, that probably the biggest advantage of renting a property through was the way it let me get to know my new city. Sure, I was only there for a week, and I went back to Chicago for about four months before returning to make the move to Atlanta for good in August, but it really helped to ground me in a feel for my new home. I felt like a local; I was staying in a building with other Atlantans, I was down the street from a grocery store where I bought groceries for our stay, I interacted with Atlantans instead of other visitors, etc. I can’t explain how comfortable it made me feel in my new city. I really don’t think that experience would have been possible in a hotel, no matter how centrally-located or nice the hotel might have been. I just don’t.

Even more beneficial, the feeling of that experience is transferable. I did a backpacking trip across Europe as a college student, and while I loved it, I could never shake the feeling that everyone knew I didn’t belong. I stayed in hostels, I ate in tourist bars, I just felt like I was constantly on display as out-of-place. I wish I’d known about during that time. It would have been easier to blend in and get the true feel for these cities if I was staying among the locals, eating in their restaurants, getting caught up with their flow and way of life. Using has definitely changed the way I think about travel, and I will absolutely be using it in the future for trips both foreign and domestic (oh, that’s right, is worldwide as well!).

After we had gotten back to Chicago, I used the reviews feature on the website to encourage others to rent this highly desirable property. That was when I also discovered that because is a division of the larger HomeAway company, I was also linked to the HomeAway community, and that meant that I had a large pool of people of whom I could ask and answer questions, solicit and offer advice. That’s going to come in handy next time I use the site to plan a trip!

Overall, I really can’t recommend highly enough. My mom and I had a great experience, from the ease of using to the website to the actual experience on the ground, and I feel quite confident that we were not the only ones to be impressed with our experience. Even though my mom was the one who had to tell me about the website, I guess it just goes to show you that mothers are, indeed, almost always right… about almost everything!


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