Finger Point Lookout Trail

Finger Point Lookout trail is found south of Thunder Bay on Highway 61 at the US outskirt, in the Pigeon River Provincial Park. You get to the trail from the east side of the parking area at the Ontario government tourism office. At the point when the workplace is open you can get a guide of the recreation center. Take after the promenade to where the trail heads left. In spite of the fact that not wide, the trail is anything but difficult to take after as it heads to the crossing point of the High Falls trail. Keep right and you can’t miss the Finger Point signs.

t’s around 2.5 kilometers one route from the parking garage to the post. The principal kilometer and a half is genuinely simple with insignificant up and downs. Be that as it may, once you get to the base of the post, you have a couple of soak moves in front of you. Be that as it may, the trail is great and simple to take after. There are regular advances made by the two shakes and tree roots that assistance you along. Also, once you achieve the best, you will be plentifully remunerated with a view as marvelous as you have found in these parts.

You’ll need to believe me on the view from the post on this trail, it truly is fantastic.  The last three times I have climbed this trail it has been snowing really hard, however on a sunny morning you do get an excellent perspective of Lake Superior.

From Thunder Bay drive roughly 68 km west on expressway 61.  Park at the Ontario Information Center just before the fringe.

There are two approaches to get onto the Finger Point trail.  You can begin at the means on the West end of the stopping lot.  This is the same route as you would go in the event that you were making a beeline for High Falls however you would go right onto the Finger Point trail at the marked convergence just before you go under the bridge.  Or you can take the Boardwalk Trail that starts at an arrangement of wooden strides at the East end of the parking garage.

I typically take the course beginning at the East end of the parcel since you get the chance to walk appropriate along the shoreline of Lake Superior.  The starting area of this course takes after a wheelchair available footpath from the parking area to a survey deck at the shore of the lake.  If you take a gander at the promenade you will see that few of the boards are paddle formed.

When you get to the survey deck travel West along the shoreline to the finish of the narrows and watch intently for the Finger Point Trail sign.  From here the trail is well marked.  It is a little more than 2.5 kilometers one route from the parking area to the lookout.  The trail is quite steep as you get close to the post and can be truly tricky in the winter.  When you get to the post you will discover a seat in the state of Lake Superior with some incredible metal work of art that you can’t resist the urge to hypothesize on how it was brought here… I’m supposing helicopter.

Here Is An Amazing Video of the Hike – Enjoy

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