Fire Tower Trail – Restoule park

Day 7 
Oct 18 2017

Today is hiking at Restoule park. There is this old fire tower i want to check out and a few other trails at the provincial park. to check out. so get up this morning and head out to the park.
drive is nice and weather is around 15c so far.
arriving at the park gate i find out that no pass is needed for day use as its off season now, be different in summer. so i go and park on this dirt road, first go check out the campground . quite neat , there are 3 trucks parked by the water front, and i guess they are out on some trip
start on the fire tower trail. i use my gopro for this and video the whole trip. very cool
walking on this 7 km trail, is very rugged, apparently this is the route the ranger walked every day .

good trail, you climb many rocks and get your feet wet many times. at one point the trail goes straight up, actually you get the choice to do a steep climb or a longer gradual uphill. i took the steep one. using the rocks as steps i make way to a neat little rocky cliff point. over looks smokey lake. amazing view, i sit here for a while and enjoy the moment, no one else around.
then walk about 10 minutes on top trail and i get to the fire tower, an old abandon fire lookout post that just stands here. very well done, like the Aldina Fire tower in thunder bay, this one ladder has been cut and top cabin, looks like floor boards are all gone. so be pointless to climb.
but still very cool. then head down the trail and back to campsite, where i chill out a bit. then walk around and do the river side trail, which is just a loop along the river and you view the campground again. it joins with the Gibs trail which i dont have time to do today, will do next day.
anyways now it is late, but get back to main camp area and do this one loop to look for the swimming areas. i find a spot where i can see the tower in the far distance, very cool and i see 2 people on top of the cliffs, waving, cool, Smoky lake is too cold to swim in at this time of year but will consider another time. Then back to car and head back to town, overall a good time.

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