First Aid Kits – Real Lifesavers

First Aid Kits – Real Lifesavers

firstadid1I come from a medical family, so I like to think I’m not a hypochondriac and I loved First Aid. Certainly, after being told that any malady was minor and would pass, I just assume that all of my problems are in my head.

Still, that won’t stop me from singing the praises of the first aid kit for holidays.

It doesn’t have to be a full-on mass of needles and surgical equipment, just something you can easily slip into a pouch. When travelling in Europe, mine contained a few plasters, an  elasticised bandage, a small pair of scissors, some Imodium, cotton pads and a few some foot patches, though naturally, you can adopt and adapt as much as you feel is necessary. We were doing a fair bit of walking in Europe, so that kind of kit was a handy, though it’s fairly general purpose.

The thing about a light first aid kit is that it doesn’t require much training, and it doesn’t require many other materials. The plasters are obviously enough for a small cut, but what happens if a friend falls an


d suffers bruising? The elasticised bandage is perfect for making a splint, along with the cotton pads. If you’ve been in a shootout with the Mafia it may not save your life, but when it comes to less serious incidents, a first aid kit can prove very handy indeed.


Come to think of it, aspirin or another pain killer would have been useful in mine. A friend had to make use of the impromptu splint for his leg, and I imagine an analgesic would have been appreciated. Aside from that, for a general purpose first aid kit, there’s not much else
first-aid-kit-picturethat springs to mind.

Accidents do happen – as much on holidays as anywhere else. The first aid kit can’t stop them from happening, but it can minimise discomfort and prove vital as a stop-gap measure before specialist treatment. And for the amount of space it takes up in your bag, it really is very useful.



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