From a First Date to a Wedding – Sydney’s Most Romantic Spots

From a First Date to a Wedding – Sydney’s Most Romantic Spots

Whether you’ve just started dating or you are about to tie the knot, Sydney is the perfect city for a romantic getaway for two. With so many options available all year long, you don’t have to stick to only a handful of most famous sights, but consider some of the others, depending on your preferences, budget and free time.

 A Movie in the Open

The concept of outdoor cinemas was very popular several decades ago, but times have changed since then. Now, people usually watch movies on their TV and rarely wish to leave the comfort of their own home. But, all that can change if you are in Sydney.image-1

This city offers several outdoor cinemas, and, while some of them are active only during the summer, other have screenings all year long. They provide you with a cheap opportunity to see a movie whenever you feel like it. So, schedule a visit to an outdoor cinema and hold onto your loved one tight!

A Day in the Garden

Placed in the center of the city, the RoyalBotanic Garden might be the most romantic place in the entire country. This 200-year-old garden proves that Australia is so much more than the bush and the desert. Moreover, if you are planning a special surprise for your girlfriend or wife, this place has a few more options for you.

The Botanic Garden is full of parks and secluded places where you can feel at home and plan a picnic or an afternoon tea. Just pack a basket with some refreshments – maybe even a champagne if there’s a question to be popped? – and spend an entire day surrounded by love and nature.

Dive Right In

With over fifty beaches in the Sydney area, lovers of the sea will have no problem planning a day for two. Ditching everything, swimming with your significant other and focusing on them all day long sounds perfect, right? However, those are not the only activities that can be organized on a beach.

image-2In case you’re planning a wedding and want your ceremony to be something else, one of the Sydney beaches is the closest to Paradise you will ever get. You do not have to take things too seriously, though – invite your closest friends and family, rent a dress and a tuxedo, bring food and beverages, and the beach will take care of the rest. The unique scenery will give you lifelong memories and tons of great photos and videos, claim wedding videography experts from Sydney.

Up in the Sky

Now, for those living on the edge, nothing short of a 300-meters high structure is enough – and there are quite a few of these in Australia. That’s why you must visit the SydneyTower and experience the opportunities it provides. Some of the things you might appreciate are a full panoramic view of the city and a coffee break high in the sky, but that’s not all!

While a picnic in the park sounds like an ideal date for some, not everybody is a fan of the outdoors. Therefore, if you want to astonish your partner with an unusual dinner for two, the SydneyTower is just the place. Eating extraordinary food, enjoying an amazing view and spending some quality time alone is something every couple visiting Sydney should try.image-3

 Other Options

If none of these sound romantic enough, don’t worry – Sydney has more to offer! Places like the Taronga Zoo, the Sydney Opera House, the HarbourBridge, Port Jackson and Chinatown will certainly give you enough options for a nice date with the love of your life.


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