First Day of Balkan Adventure Budapest Hungary

First Day of Balkan Adventure Budapest Hungary

This is day of the first stage of the trip. Get up this morning and have a good breakfast and head off to the Thunder Bay International Airport. First leg of the trip is to get from Thunder Bay to Toronto, .

I fly with Air Canada Jazz express and they are now using the Dash 10 planes like Porter airlines, quite good. Flight is easy going and no problems at all. I have a glass of apple juice on the way.

On arrival into Toronto Pearson I make the long walk all the way to Terminal 3 the International side.

First Day of Balkan Adventure Budapest HungaryFrom there make the security check points and then to the waiting area. Have about 4 hour layover here.

So I decide from previous long air trips is I do not want to eat the airplane food especially from Air Canada. As every time I have had the meal I always felt sick afterwards.

So I go to the Casey’s restaurant and have good meal, but a little pricey.

I have a some spaghetti with a beer and it is a good way to start a good adventure.

A few hours later I board my plane with Air Canada to fly onwards. On the plane during the flight the meals are served. To be polite I do take a meal. Which is the chicken meal or chicken substitute. I have about 2 bites of the chicken which was rubber and right away I felt sick. To the point I was all cramped up and uncomfortable for the remaining duration of the flight. For many hours on end and wishing there was a way to make it all go away.

Finally we touch down in Frankfurt, Germany and I start to feel better again. On in the airport I run to the washroom and take care of business, which is a success.

First Day of Balkan Adventure Budapest HungaryOn route to my next gate I have to pass through Passport control as this is now entering the European Union. I line up at the wrong line that is meant for citizens of the EU but the guards let me in, and laugh as I am a foreigner. I did this unpurpose as the line for tourists was really long and no one was in line for the citizen line.

All worked in the end.

On route to my gate find out the the plane is a little delayed. Which is ok as I know my bags will make it to Hungary. As my first destination is Budapest.

Finally we board the plane for Hungary. I fly with Lufthansa to get to Budapest and it seems like really great airline. Almost an amazing experience compared to fly with Air Canada.

Flight is good and successful and land into Budapest with good time. I grab my bags and am able to get to find my transfer successfully. Which is some dude named Andre with the hotel van. Take the van on route into the city of Budapest. Looking around I realized how much I missed being in europe as last time was in 2007. That moment I realized its going to be a good adventure and lots of great experiences lie ahead.

I get out at the King’s Hotel in Budapest and check in. As it was early in the morning. Room was not ready so I put my bags into storage.

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