First Official Day of Contiki – Copenhagen Day Trip

First Official Day of Contiki – Copenhagen Day Trip

Today is a start of a good day and head to the canteen for breakfast, which mainly consisted of cold cuts and bread. So to get creative you get 2 pieces of bread and put your cold cuts between to make a sandwich. Quite genius.!First Official Day of Contiki - Copenhagen Day Trip

Then we join on to our Contiki bus and head into the city of Copenhagen. Here a low down.

There were two words that describe the city of København (Copenhagen in its Anglicized form) in my mind — and they weren’t ‘Little Mermaid’, the famous seaside sculpture of the renowned Hans Christian Andersen character.København is loaded with beautiful sights, and because its downtown was one of best mixes I’ve seen of exquisite shopping, marina life, royal grandeur, and fine art.
the little mermaid
It’s also not too often that you see old red brick buildings in wonderful shape.

First Official Day of Contiki - Copenhagen Day TripThroughout our city tour we made it to a several main sights of the city, first stop was the :
Amalienborg Palace
The Amalienborg Palace is home to the Danish royal family. Built in 1794 to commemorate the Oldenburg family’s 300-year reign, it is Denmark’s finest example of rococo architecture. It is comprised of four identical palaces, Christian VII’s Mansion, Christian VIII’s Mansion, Frederik VIII’s Mansion and Christian IX’s Mansion. The four palaces surround an octagonal square, one of the most beautiful in Europe, with Saly’s equestrian statue of Frederik V in the middle. This is quite a good spot for photos, we do many photos.

This is truly an amazing part of Copenhagen, I feel privileged to be here.

Next stop was to
The Little Mermaid Statue First Official Day of Contiki - Copenhagen Day Trip
The Statute of the Little Mermaid is one of the most recognizable symbols of Copenhagen. Inspired by a Hans Christian Andersen story, this charming statue reclines on a rock at the harbor mouth near the ruins of Kastellet fortress. The sculpture was erected in 1913 and is 1.25 meters high.
Its kinda interesting if you follow old fantasy stories, however a bit overrated. There is a several structure in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
I heard that the head of this mermaid tends to get cut off every so often.

Afterward he head to the Carlsberg Brewery for a tour of the historic beer factory.
One of if not the best known Danish companies around the world is Carlsberg.

First Official Day of Contiki - Copenhagen Day TripFounded in 1847 by Brewer J.C.Jacobsen growing from the city of Copenhagen and moving to the outskirts of town to Valby hill. You can now visit the old factory that has been turned into a visitors centre. The production of there main brands has been moved out of town but a house label ”Jacobsen” is still being manufactured in the original buildings. You will have the pleasure as a part of the entry ticket to sample two glasses of beer one normal and one of the very good Jacobsen beers.
The tour itself is quite short and self guided. It’s interesting, but not hugely exciting. You get a good view of how beer was brewed back in the days, you are taken through Carlsberg’s history and you can see Carlsberg bottles with the old logo, the Swastika, which perhaps not so surprisingly was abandoned after Hitler picked it up.

To which our whole group got abit loaded here at 1030am, a great time.

Then from here we are on our own for the rest of the day. I split off with four others in the group, I think Shelton, Donny, Stef and Dave and we head off into town. First stop the 7-11 to get some beer as your allowed to drink beer in public in Copenhagen. In our walking bits we go up to a pedestrian mall area. Where we see a scam artist guy perform some lame tricks for tips. We all stop of course and its ok and entertaining.

Then we get to Nyhavn. Nyhavn is on of the famous streets in Copenhagen.In middle centuries it was famous for markets, a lot of boats and ships arrived here to sale something.Now this place is full of small and cozy restaurants.One of the historical facts is that H.
Andersen lived here for some time before he became famous .I think it.s obveously, coz this place is really close to the ttheater.

We also go to
Frederikskirke (The Marble Church)First Official Day of Contiki - Copenhagen Day Trip
The 200 year old Frederikskirke or Marble Church is more impressive than Copenhagen Cathedral. Originally designed to rival St. Peter’s in Rome, the church took over 100 years to build (due to budget restrictions) and features one of the largest copper domes in the world. Around the exterior are 16 statues of a range of religious leaders from Moses to Luther, and below them are sculptures of eminent Danish ministers and bishops. We are feeling brave and climb the 273 steps to the outdoor balcony and gaze at the beautiful view. Quite a good climb and the view was totally amazing.

We also walk to the
The Free City of Christiania
Set up in 1971, the Free City of Christiania is a 20 acre ‘alternative’ society or enclave, located right in the middle of Copenhagen. Kinda a dodgy area to be in but at same time interesting. Only spent a few minutes here as its more of a hippie hang out area. Not the true Copenhagen. We then make it to the WWII museum for an exciting tour of the museum and history of WWII and Denmarks role.

We then meet up with most of the group in the Centre square of the city where some fine entertainment is going on. We then go to decide to have dinner somewhere and decide to go Dutch style and eat Kabobs. We invite the Colonel to come with us but he decides to go on his own and says he wants to find a brothel he has heard of elsewhere. So we leave to his own and go for dinner.
Will tell you more of the Colonel later on.

We go have our Kabobs and go back to our meeting spot to get our bus (contiki) back to Hostel. We run into the Colonel, who couldn’t find his mission and brothel. Too funny, However he keeps saying he wished he could find a girlfriend. Funny guy.

Bus arrives and we go back to our Hostel. Tonight is easy night and no drinking to night. As early start tomorrow as we head off to Stockholm Sweden. Will tell you more in next blogs.

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