Flavour of the Orient on board a luxurious Train

Flavour of the Orient on board a luxurious Train

Amazingly decked up cabins, sumptuous view of the fast moving countryside, mouth-watering delicacies on the go- well that’s luxurious train travel for you. Flawless infrastructure and applaud worthy hospitality makes your journey a memorable one. These trains offer a nice view of the cultural and social change of the inhabitants of the countries you pass by. You are just pampered like a King and your beloved like a Queen during your long stay in the train.04144af6066b61d341d712e729772a62-orig

Pamper Potpourri

Luxury train services are popular across the globe. People with different tastes can also have customized cabins booked for them. Most of the trains have been conceived and executed by the best in the business. So you get an observation car, royal suites, guest sleepers and much more. Lunch and dinner are served in the two Restaurant Cars, while a breakfast of croissants, fruit, coffee, tea and juice is delivered to your cabin daily. The décor in most of these trains invoke the bygone area of the continent. Thus you have the Rovos rail service in South Africa, Eastern & Oriental Express in south-east Asia with flamboyant ambience to woo you during the journey.

Exploring the Thai Heritage

Now let us talk about the travel associated with these luxurious trains. You can make a spectacular trip to Thailand on board the luxurious trains in Asia.  The authorities churn out hassle free logistics for your booking, the journey in detail and your choice of the cuisine.  Usually these trains have a weeklong package for you to discover the pristine beaches of Phuket, the old world charm of Chiang Mai, the shopping Malls and the nightlife of Bangkok, the adventure sports at Pattaya and a lot more.  Guides are available just for you to take walks in a traditional village.  The most amazing part of this train is that you get to discover such beautifully maintained heritage sites like the 12th-century Khmer temples at Prasat Sikhoraphum and Phanom Rung accompanied by a licensed guide.

Jaw Dropping Dishes

Farm fresh products are used to prepare your lunch and dinner on the train.  Dig into the authentic Thai preparations of jumbo shrimps, mushrooms, tofu, noodle soup and other sumptuous delicacies. You can try out the Gai Med Ma Moung, a preparation of Chicken and Cashew nuts, the aromatic Tom Yam Goon comprising of lemongrass, herbs, fishes and mushrooms in your private cabin. Just soak in the beverages at the bar both in the dining arena and at your cabin. The Chefs have an expertise of catering to the taste buds of guests at 7 star hospitality addresses across the globe.

Singapore Calling

The trip to Singapore is also a magnificent one in the company of musicians, pianists and other entertainers in the train. Your cabin gets transformed into a cosy cabin as the sun sets in the horizon. This trip gives you an opportunity to have a cruise along the Kwa Yai river.  If you are lover of history then you may have an expert in Thai history to narrate you some interesting trivia about the ancient Thai kingdoms.  The cosmopolitan city of Singapore is the centre of attraction in this journey.  Exploring the city is best done on foot. You will be accompanied by the travel guides from the train to the various spots of this city.

Most Sought After Trip

Different cultures have made Asia a melting pot from ancient times. Explore the south eastern part of this vibrant continent from the hugely decked up observation car of the luxurious trains. Indulge in the on board entertainments, listen to the traditional music of the local regions or simply relax and rejuvenate at the spa. Salon cars are also available in these trains. Various travel portals connects you with travel agencies to get you a booking of your choice in this part of the world.

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