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The Best Tour of Spain by FlightNetwork.com

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With a budget like mine, the best affordable flights are the cheap flights with cheap tickets. And with flightnetwork.com, provided me airline tickets with hefty discount while travel. The trip was with my friend and this was one that was important to me. It was our first big getaway vacation. We set our sights on Spain. Flightnetwork.com wasn’t the only flight we looked at, as we go for the lowest price. We were on a budget, and as much is possible we didn’t want to drop a lot of money on a flight.

We thought we might have to plan for a cheaper time of the year to go to Spain. So we were surprised when the website turned up with not one but several premium deals to get to Madrid, Spain.it gave us options as to which airline we should choose.  We ended up choosing Air Canada, and drove a few miles into Québec to catch the late morning flight. Planning ahead of time on the site more than paid off. We were able to bypass a few lines, and avoid a few more frustrating moments that both of us had experienced in earlier flights in the past.

The flight was a short and pleasant one. We were offered a few snacks, some of them Spanish in preparation for our landing, and we got to watch and onboard movie. The flight we chose was one that had a discount at the time of year that we wanted it, and it was nice to have that extra bit of money. Earlier we had booked this trip with a travel agency, and our travel investments were well protected.

Before we flew off we searched the site for as many tours as we could, to find the best one for us. On the site we were able to choose from over a dozen tour companies, and find the most proven ones online. We went with the highly recommended Cosmos Tours. There was a guarantee that flightnetwork.com could be any other Cosmos Tour price by 8%. And after quite a bit of searching, we weren’t able to find a price that could beat it. Moreover, flightnetwork.com has several bonuses and opportunities for the customers they recommended to the tour.

Beautiful Madrid

We began the trip with the Grand Tour of Spain. It was a circling of the major cities around Spain over the course of two weeks, starting and ending in Madrid. The tour was a wonderful blend of seasoned tour guides pointing out the highlights of Madrid, and also ample free time to get lost within the city. We spent the first day watching street dancers and touring within a medieval museum. Madrid really came to life at night, with its smoky bars and lively venues. I quickly used up the few words of Spanish I knew, and my husband who was a near fluent Spanish speaker was soon the only one making the orders and asking for directions.


The Historic Aranjuez and Palacio

The next day was a trip to Aranjuez and the Royal Palace or Palacio Real. We learned the history of the palace. It was burned down in the past, but beautifully restored by the Spanish royalty. There was a courtyard with the flourishing Sabatini Gardens. We circled around to the armory and cathedral. Many parts of Madrid were like stepping into the medieval era. The attention to the construction of the buildings and landmark was lovingly crafted in a way that modern art had forgone in exchange for simplicity.

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We traveled to Valencia for two days, with its waving palm leaves and cobblestone streets. In the first day we had the option to stick with the group, or go on our unique outing. We did the latter, and our first stop was the Port of Valencia with the ornate stations and foamy, dark waves. We had a playful excursion to Bioparc Valencia, a zoo without cages. It was nice to see the animals with so much roaming space, where they were far less constricted than most zoos. To escape the zoo prices on food we went to a café and shared an entire pot of fondue. Ironically, that’s one of the foods we sampled in the tour next day. We ate our way through Valencia, and visited Peniscola Castle.

Amazing Barcelona

Barcelona felt like the center of Spain. It was so vast we were consulting all the pieces of advice and direction we could find from the tour section of flightnetwork.com. Though many parts of the world built with the idea of ‘out with the old, in with the new’ just seeing the buildings in the city was like walking through history. We visited the Plaza de Catalunya.
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Some of the best parts weren’t within the building but outside. There were streams, fountains, and statues for miles. The end of our visit to Barcelona was a tour through the food was not spicy like one would think (that’s stereotype.) The food we enjoyed most was gazpacho, a cold tomato soup that was like a breath of fresh air in the hot climate. Sun warmed vineyards stretched out as far as the eye could see, valleys, and amazing panoramic views of the landscape.

Romantic Seville

Our favorite stop was in Seville. Day and night, the wine and food flowed. Like all of Spain, The first day the tour cut us loose. It was a vibrant city, and much of what it offered was embodied in Alcazar. The architecture was diverse, from Persian palaces to Spanish-Christian and Moorish buildings. There were sprawling gardens, cool fountains, and breathtaking artwork. An English-speaking tour guide was on hand, which not only studied but lived in Seville as well. He imparted a lot of the history of the beautiful city.

We tried to squeeze as much as we could out of the tour. By the time we returned to Madrid, we had no complaints. The tour gave us so much breathing room between the excellent, guided tours that there was no sense of inadequacy. Cosmos is now a trusted and valued tour site for us. That it works so well in tandem with flightnetwork.com means we’ll be coming back to the both of them, for any trip we take in Europe.




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