Fox Rent A Car Review

Fox Rent A Car Review

Cheap Car Rentals from Fox Rent A Car Review

I decided to use Fox Rent A Car through the suggestion of a website called Exciting World Travels( based on their review and endorsement. This was during a recent trip to Las Vegas, NV for a small sight seeing trip for myself and two of my good friends. We landed early afternoon on a Wednesday at McCarran airport. After claiming our luggage, we found the waiting area for the Fox Rent A Car shuttle and it didn’t take long for us to get picked up. In less than 10 minutes of waiting, we were on the shuttle bus on our way to the Fox Rent A Car office.

The office was brand new and quite large for a rental car center. There weren’t any customers there when we arrived so we walked directly to one of the two clerks on duty. I previously made a reservation the week before so I handed the clerk a copy of the reservation details that I printed off the internet. After making copies of my credit card and drivers license, they explained the rules and insurance policies available. We were going to be doing a lot of driving so we opted to go with the insurance since it wasn’t that much more. I didn’t want to be the only person having to drive the entire time so we added everyone to the rental contract. In the state of Nevada it costs an extra 10 dollars per day for an additional driver. The Fox Rent A Car agent walked around the car with us to check for any pre existing damage so that we wouldn’t be at fault when we returned the vehicle later. The whole process took around 20 minutes from when we showed up to driving on the road. It was a quick and easy process.

With 3 people and our luggage, we chose to go with a midsize car for the room and comfort. The car that was available was a late model Chevrolet Malibu. Everyone in the car was taller than 6 feet and we had plenty of leg and head room. Even with more than 10,000 miles on the vehicle, it still had a faint new car smell which we suspected was applied after every rental. The carpets and upholstery were spotless as well. All the instruments and accessories were functioning and working the way they were supposed to. It was as if we got a brand new car. The stereo also had an auxiliary input in order for me to plug in my iPod to the sound system.

During our trip back from the Grand Canyon, we ran over a nail and punctured a tire. The tire deflated slowly until it was noticeably under pressure and affecting the ride of the vehicle. I exited the freeway and pulled into a parking lot. This was the first time any of us faced such a problem and was somewhat clueless to what we had to do. We called the telephone number on the rental contract and the person on the other end offered to send a tow truck or walk us through the process of changing the tire. Opting for the latter, the operator stayed on the line with us until we completed the process. Driving with the spare tire, we brought the vehicle back to the rental center at the airport which wasn’t that far away from where we were originally stranded. As a consolation for our trouble, they gave us a Garmin navigation unit to use for free. It wasn’t necessary but it was nice that they cared about our satisfaction and happiness.

For the rest of our trip in Las Vegas, we didn’t have any other issues except for a ding on the door when we parked overnight at the hotel we were staying at. Because of the insurance we purchased, the door ding wasn’t our problem and it was covered in the insurance agreement.

Bringing the car back was just as simple as taking it out. We pulled up to the lot and handed our keys over to the attendant. After a quick inspection, they thanked us for our patronage and we were finished. While waiting for the free shuttle to take us to our terminal, we were able to use the free wi-fi at the rental center to check into our flights.

Before booking my reservation, I browsed Fox’s website to see what is available since it would be my first time renting a vehicle. The FAQ section was able to answer all of my questions as well as the live chat feature that can answer anything that wasn’t in the FAQ. The Fox Hot Deals section also has some incredible deals for specific dates and vehicles. I also signed up for the Fox Rewards program to accrue points for future rentals and upgrades. The Fox Rewards can be redeemed through gift certificates for many goods or services. Another option is to use Fox Bucks which can be credit towards the cost of renting another vehicle in the future. Every single dollar you spend accrues points towards your account, including extra fees and taxes.

Overall, the price and service is what solidified my decision to use Fox Rent A Car after finding the recommendation through Comparing to other budget car rentals, the price and reputation was similar across the board. My prior experiences following the recommendations of Exciting World Travels was what ultimately caused me to use Fox Rent A Car.

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