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As the holidays are near-approaching, the spirit of fun and relaxation are also in the air. More than that, it is likewise the perfect time to have some get-away with family or friends. Why not take a break and spend the holidays on magnificent places around the world? The idea might sound like a “big-ticket” but you will be lucky to find a travel company which allows you to go on adventure minus the hefty bucks. Yes, G Adventures have great offers you can have for your ideal vacation.
G Adventures is an adventure travel company. They do trips all over the world to every continent, including Antarctica. They do everything from trekking Inca Trail, to volcano trips to Arctic Cruising to exploring the beaches of Costa Rica. They do it all.I have done 2 trips with them so far. In Search of Iguassu and the Galapagos Islands. Which I did in April 2008 and May 2009.

Green Travel Tips

Green Travel Tips

Very good trips and well organized company

The trips are small group, so your max size of group might be 12 people or so.
This company supports the local economy. By this you often stay at local hotels/hostels etc. Most are local businesses, so no Holiday Inn’s people.   The transport is done with 3rd party companies of a local area as well. Usually really good. Your trip Leader is someone from the local area, such as if you go to Brazil, your trip leader might be from Brazil.   For meals, no dinners are included, which is good, then you can explore options and take in local place to eat. Your trip leader sometimes will take you to a place to eat that is nice and less touristy and more local food.  Overall my opinions, this was a great company to travel with. I would travel with them again. The organization was really good. I like having a small group to be with over a larger group, you move along faster.

Discover Asia

Discover Asia

The trip leaders were good, very information about everything and know many things about each destination. Very Reliable people overall. Accomodations, vary, I have to say good locations. As I did the budget trips, so places were not of high luxury but clean and had running water. Always had good bed to sleep in. The trips themselves were very good and awesome places to see. You also get lots of free time in each destination, so you never miss out on anything.   I would do more trips with this company. As It is now my way of travel. I hope to see the whole world with this company and I recommend everyone out there to check out G Adventures.  G Adventures believes in changing people’s thought when it comes to travelling. The best trip ever is something that’s enjoyable and cozy without needing to break the bank. G Adventures swear by that thought as much as we do. Whether you are up for some exciting adventures like trekking and hiking or you just want to chill out, G Adventures has it for you. What’s amazing with G Adventures is that they give out trips at a reasonable rate. You can just add up for other services like extra vacation days, airport pickup, and your own room. In a nutshell, they can accommodate you with a total adventure package. That sounds exciting! Now, are you ready for a trip? Here are G Adventures’ top sellers you can also try out yourself: Golden Triangle in India Get ready to wind up at three of the most visited cities in India—Agra, Delhi, and Jaipur. It was termed “Golden Triangle” as the locations of these cities are literally formed triangular. You can look at the map and see that they really form a triangle. A tour at the Golden Triangle is suitable for small groups who would like to go on a classic trip style. Here you can take photographs of magnificent shrines and the enthralling beauty of Taj Mahal.

Say Hello to your world

Say Hello to your world

G Adventures allow you to spend eight days in Delhi starting at $749 USD.  This place in India is famous for being a tourist spot as it provides a great variety of the country’s different landscapes. What’s more to love about the Golden Triangle? Let’s begin with Delhi. This is where you can truly feel the Northern India culture. Delhi is jam-packed with art galleries and antique monuments. Going to this city is most favorable to those who want to learn more about the Indian culture. Expect to see magnificent shrines such as the famous India Gate or the exquisite Lotus temple. More than just reliving the past with historical attractions, you can feel a touch of modernization at Delhi as well. You can also find tourist landmarks that will feast your eyes in delight.  The second of these three cities is Agra. This is where you can find the world-famous Taj Mahal. This world-famous mausoleum is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Aside from Taj Mahal, there are other two heritage sites in Agra. These are the Agra Fort and the Fatehpur Sikri. The last but not the least is the city of Jaipur. Let us not put some preconceived notion in here but there was a traveler who said Jaipur is the best among these three cities. It is actually called the royal city of India as you can see lovely fortresses in here. Expect to see colorful markets, genuine royal tradition, and strict old civilizations.A visit to the Golden Triangle will let you go on light walking and hiking. This is suitable for those who just want to chill out and get along with the bustling streets of India. With G Adventures, you may invite a maximum of 15 companions to join you with this adventure. You will be given real travel experiences like learning the history of Sikh religion, walking through India’s bustling markets, and visiting the duck-hunting reserve of Maharajas.Kayaking Adventure in Costa Rica  Costa Rica’s whitewater is the best to go on a kayaking adventure with friends or family. Here you can be as active as you want since there are various physical activities to choose from. Reveal your adventurous side with kayaking sessions within the canals nearby Tortuguero or get wild as you paddleboard at Lake Arenal, the midpoint of adventure sports in Costa Rica. This expedition fits a small group who are up for some active trip style. But it does not mean you can’t enjoy nature simply as it is. You can just sit back, relax, and watch the fine-looking sceneries in Costa Rica.
G Adventures lets you stay at Tortuguero for two days. There is no fuss in here as G Adventures will spend two hours in guiding you on your kayaking sessions in the place. You may take a cruise and search for monkeys, too. You can take this time to hike, visit the seasonal nesting grounds of turtles, or go on a boat trip. What’s more, you will also spend another two days at the La Fortuna where you can have paddleboard sessions, waterfall rappelling, and hot spring bathes. More than that, you can opt to take a tour at the Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge by boat. This wildlife refuge in northern Costa Rica is a home to lots of seasonal waterfowls, which consist of ducks, swans, and geese.
After a trip to La Fortuna, you will then be transported to San José, Costa Rica’s capital and largest city. Here you can enjoy with their delectable cuisines that are usually tasty and simple. They have this concoction of fried rice and black beans which they call gallo pinto, Costa Rica’s national dish. Just a reminder, bring a coat or jacket to keep you warm as San José’s weather is typically windy and mild.

You can do all these in nine days starting at $699 USD only. It already includes four breakfasts, three lunches, and four dinners. G Adventures will let you stay at a hotel for five nights or at the jungle lodge for three nights.

Cuba Libre—Havana

Nothing beats a nature trip. Spell cozy and it says Cuba. Enjoy the island’s beautiful beaches, pincushion hills, mountain coffee plantations, and crystal clear waters starting at $899 USD for an eight-day vacation. This classic trip will let you have an excursion to Cabo San Antonio and have a visit to cigar factory in Pinar del Rio.

Pinar del Rio is a province located at the western end of Cuba. It has become a home to many voyagers from all over the world as tourism is an important part in this province. The Viñas Valley is a major destination in Pinar del Rio because of its natural beauty. This valley is a popular setting for rock climbing and hiking.

Scuba divers will also enjoy visiting Pinar del Rio as it is known as Cuba’s premier scuba diving destination. They have around 30 diving sites all over the place. You may also take a splurge at the San Diego hot springs. It has been visited by a number of tourists due to its warm waters known for its health benefits.

More than that, you can get more out of your nature trip at Cabo San Antonio. This is perfect for those who want to go on excursion. You may also opt for a boat ride and watch the sunset or simply relax on the beach. Visiting here lets you appreciate nature more than anything in this world. As early as your arrival at Havana, you can be delighted with beautiful landscapes and Cuban local’s one of a kind culture.

The highlights of your trip include blissing out on the beautiful beaches of Cuba, experiencing the people’s hospitality during a homestay overnight, and visiting the factory of world famous Cuban cigars. G Adventures let you stay at a Cuban hotel for five nights and have a homestay for two nights.

Northern Hilltribes and Villages in Bangkok 

Eight days in Bangkok at a rate starting from $649 USD? Sounds great, isn’t it? There is no doubt why this comes in the list of G Adventures’ top-seller tour packages. Aside from Bangkok, there are more other places you will surely love in Thailand.

On your arrival, you will land at Bangkok where you are free to relax in hotel after a few hours of travel. But if you feel like speeding up on a journey right away, you are free as well to explore Bangkok City. The day after, G Adventures can now let you enjoy an hour-long boat tour. You are given the option to spend some time for an afternoon shopping or visit the Grand Palace.

Bangkok is an exciting place for its nightlife and attractions. As they say, there is never a dull moment in this city. There are so many places to visit and a lot of activities to do. This is where you can find the Dream World theme park which is ideal for kids. If you are up for a more delightful activity, you can try go-karting or go surfing at the artificial waves of Flow Rider in Bangkok.

During the remaining days, you will be given time to visit Chiang Mai where you can visit the hill tribe trek. Minority groups from Chiang Mai have their own dialects, clothing, and religion. Chiang Mai is also considered as most cultural important city in northern Thailand. You can find over 300 Buddhist sanctuaries in this place. Thai people are also fond of celebrating festivals. For an instance, they have this Chiang Mai Flower Festival which happens every February. During this time of year, tropical flowers are already in full bloom.

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What are you waiting for? Take this chance to have a new way of spending the holidays. This December, G Adventures have departures to the Golden Triangle and Hilltribes in Bangkok. Get ready for a once in a lifetime journey. Book a flight with G Adventures now and see it for yourself. There is so much more to experience more than all these things you have read. Aside from these top sellers, you may also try other adventure packages G Adventures have. Go visit their website and get to know more of their special offers especially during the upcoming holidays. G Adventures have a wide range of affordable tours in all regions in 20 countries all over the world. You can select on the type of activity you want—chilling out, trekking or hiking, yacht-based adventures, kayaking, wildlife or nature trip, and a culture or history quest.

All you have to do before booking a flight is to prepare all the important documents such as a valid passport and travel insurance. Take note that G Adventures normally requests their clients to submit travel insurance. These are essential to make sure everything is safe. But what’s this in exchange of experiencing the beauty of other country?

Truly, the best things in life are priceless!

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