Galapagos Islands – Day 3

Galapagos Islands – Day 3 May 19th, 2009

Today is Day 3 of Galapagos Islands, wake up this morning to find 2 sea lions on our boat. We have another amazing breakfast this morning- minus Betty who doesn’t eat BK which makes it a nice and peaceful.

We go off again to the next Island today to Florenca Island where we go see the birds, flamingos and crabs on the other part of the island.
Quite amazing place and lots to see, as well very hilly.

Galapagos Islands - Day 3We go out to the sea to go snorkeling in this rock that is out there. Turned out we had to go back to the boat as the current was a bit too strong and was pushing everyone around.

After our visit to Floreana, we headed on over to the other side of the island to where the early Galápagos post office once sat (left photo). In fact, it is still in operation, and you can send your post cards for free! The only catch is that the mail man does not come to pick up and deliver the mail. Instead, this mail system depends on the island visitors to pick up the mail that has been addressed to a location near them and hand deliver this mail to its recipient. I took two postcards from the post office that I must now deliver to Michigan and Atlanta. The concept is really a fine one. Imagine having some stranger come to your door with a hand delivered letter from the exotic Galápagos Islands. If you are going to use this ancient mail system, just keep in mind, the delivery time may vary.

So then we go snorkeling again in this area where sea turtles are. The main goal here is to spot the sea turtles. Under the water I am able to find 3 sea turtles. Totally amazing as you can swim right up to them and almost touch them.

Finally its time to go back to the boat, not after realizing I am badly sunburnt, a good time for sure.

Off to the Gap Adventure II again for a good evening dinner.
Tomorrow is off to the Charlies Darwin centre and then flight back to Quito, wished I had more time in Galapagos Islands as this place is amazing.

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