Gallivanting with the Grandparents

dubaiGallivanting with the Grandparents

By: Kayla MacIntosh

Authentic adventures, riveting resorts and jaw dropping destinations. Who better to spend it with then your loved ones? Traveling with ones family is a gratifying reward after all the time spent planning the trip. Since a young age, taking an annual vacation has been a family tradition and I’m happy to say I’ve past some of my most worthwhile experiences away from home.

Whether it’s across the city, a country or a continent, time spent away from home is always best enjoyed with family. When one is fortunate enough to be able to take time off from their busy life why not give the whole family a break. It doesn’t matter where one is as long as you’re with the right people. Traveling with kids, parents and even the family dog often creates a recipe for a good time. Despite what seems like a short amount of time abroad, the memories made away always travel back home with us. Whether it’s in pictures and mementos or simply the retelling of past travels, quality time as a family is simply irreplaceable.


Pictures and mementos are lovely don’t get me wrong but they only go so far, it’s the real deal that outshines the postcards and the keychains. While traveling with my family it’s been my experience that you get to learn things about them you never knew or necessarily wanted to know. For instance had it not been for my recent cruise down the Nile River I would’ve never found out that my grandmother has a very weak stomach or that my grandfather needs chocolate to revive him after a long hike through the sand dunes of the Libyan desert. My recent trip to Egypt with my grandparents has come to make me realize that there’s something about the unknown that I find very exciting.

For me, the excitement starts right from the packing checklist and continues all the way until the post-vacation blues. Unlike a typical hot beach vacation with your friends, my trip to Egypt was not only a vacation but an eye opening learning experience. Instead of being focused on getting a tan, partying and learning how to surf I was more focused on the history of Egypt, it’s culture and enjoying time experiencing new sights with my grandparents. In a foreign country where english is not the primary language I’m confident in saying that there were times when I was happy I had my grandparents by my side. Trips with friends are relaxing no doubt but it’s the comfort of a family trip that gives one a sense of safety and ease.

In means of safety there was one particular excursion that with or without my grandparents by my side would’ve been risqué. While in Siwa, a breath taking Oasis, west of Cairo my grandparents and I went driving through the sand dunes of the Libyan desert. Sitting in the back of a roofless jeep, climbing dunes as high as 20 meters high, it’s safe to say we got our moneys worth. No seat-belts, or safety gear, just me, my grandparents, our driver and nothing but miles and miles of beautiful open space. I didn’t know whether to cry because of the magnificent view of the dunes or the fear of falling into them. Sweating from the desert sun beating down on us my grandparents and I laughed and screamed from excitement. The dunes were our hills and the jeep, our toboggan. As the jeeps tires threw sand behind it as we climbed, just like that we were on a downward slope again. Up and down we went all afternoon until the sun began to go down. It was at this point that we put our stunt devil days to a rest and took a break.nepal 1


Feeling spoiled rotten, my grandparents and I sat in the sand while our driver started a small fire and boiled hot water for tea he had brought. Sitting drinking tea, feeling the hot grains of sand fall through the space between my toes I watched the most beautiful sunset I’d ever seen and at that moment felt complete bliss. It was a perfect ending to a perfect afternoon and there’s no one I’d of rather spent it with then my family.

I don’t know whether it’s the excitement of getting new stamps in my passport, eating new foods or being treated like a rockstar by the staff, all I know is that there’s no one I’d rather spend a trip of a lifetime with then those closest to my heart. A trip that a group of my friends and I wouldn’t of necessarily appreciated if done on our own, but definitely appreciated by my family and I. Through my many years traveling with loved ones I’ve come to realize the value in being fortunate enough to travel with them and how amazing of a bonding experience it can be.

This great article was written by Kayla MacIntosh  an amazing writer and travel person for exciting world travels.


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