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 Gambling and casinos – around the worldPHILIPPINES-GAMING-CASINO-BUSINESS

The lights, sounds, high energy, booze, money and entertainment are just the things that will not make you say no when you go to Las Vegas. The money just shouts playing, gambling and most of all – spending money. It is just simply impossible to go to Las Vegas and end the night without spending just a dime. Besides, how can the slot machines not be attractive to you?

As me and my friends went inside the casino, the energy that welcomes me made me forget that I will not spend a single cent in this place. The vivid colors, the people’s laughter and the sounds of the chips made me unexceptionally alive and gay. So, when my friend drags me along to the slot machines, I just say – oh forget about it! This is just one night of fun. Besides, I didn’t bring all my money with me and even my cards are not with me so I know my safe limit that night.

Around the World

When you talk about gambling and casinos, the first place you will have in mind is Las Vegas. It is like the casino haven for everyone. Vegas strip is still considered the most famous place for casino around the world but if you find yourself in a different country, pretty sure there will be one casino or two that you can find. Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco (1863) is considered one of the pioneering (old) casinos around the world. You may see your usual games here (including my sole favorite slot machines) but it is not like your usual Vegas strip. Going to the casinos requires money but it does not have to have luxury to go along with it. It is a different case in Casino de Monte Carlo. Money and luxury goes here. This is one place for the rich and famous. The sights of Ferrari, Mercedez and other luxury cars are just a natural thing here. So, move aside if you do not have this kind of car. In case you want to have a break at playing, the casino house also has opera and ballet theatre. You can also go around their very extravagant garden and eat those very expensive dishes in the restaurant. Well, honestly, they are just too much for me. With my overall simplicity, I don’t think they will let me in.

If you find yourself in South Africa, you can go to Tusk Rio Casino Resort. Should I want to hone my skills in playing the slot machines, this is the best place to be! The whooping 400 slot machines inside the casino is open 24 hours and 7 days a week! Amazing, isn’t it?

Asian Casinos

Going Asia? You should definitely go to Wynn Macau Resort in China. The place just screams “spend your money” to any visitors. Why not? Aside from the casino, it houses different expensive shops like Gucci, Louis Vuitton , Armani and the likes. While the man is trying her luck on the poker game, his woman is busy doing some shopping.

Atlantis Is Best

If there is one casino place I would really love to go to, that would be the Atlantis Resort in Bahamas. For a beach bum like me plus the ever tempting casino in my mind, this is just a heaven on earth for me. With its very famous paradise island resort and other fun thing to do, how I wish I can live in this place some day. I am a kid at heart so upon knowing they have the biggest open air aquarium is such a big WOW for me! I can only imagine my jaws dropping when I see those sea creatures up close and personal like the stingrays and the barracudas! Since it is also surrounded by waters, there are also a lot of water activities one can engage to. When you are done satisfying the kid in you, you can go to Aura Nighclub and spend the night away for some booze and dancing!

Let us not forget the equally famous Bellagio in Las Vegas. This is where the famed Ocean’s Eleven were shot. Just like the previous casinos I have mentioned before, there are other things to do here. This is their own way of luring more gamers. They are not just aiming for the gamers itself but the company of that gamer. Like in Bellagio, you can watch the ever famous Cirque de Soleil (I am a fan of them!) or just enjoy your stay in one of their 3,950 expensive rooms.

Aside from these mentioned casinos, there are still other casinos you can visit around the world:

Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas

MGM Las Vegas in Nevada

The Venetian Macau in China

Casino Lisboa in Portugal

Mohegan Sun in Connecticut

Tropical Casino Resort in New Jersey
The list could go on and this only means that more and more casinos are sprawling around the world. If you happen to visit one, care to share me your experience about it!

Just One Reminder

If you are not as rich like the Robinsons, might as well hold on to your pocket once you get in. Casino has its own magic spell that it casts to anyone who dares to go inside. This place likes the smell of money and its only goal is to have that money taken out of your pocket and enjoy it. Well – as long as you have it! Fortunately for me, I just told myself that 300 bucks will do and I stick to it. I got out with an extra hundred bucks in my pocket. Guess I am just lucky to choose that seat when I played the slot machines. Even if my friend that they have what they called the beginner’s luck, I strictly stick to my budget. I keep on reminding myself that all I just want to do is to experience how is it being inside and that’s it.

I hope you do, too!


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