Ganther Race The Lake August 2014

Ganther Race The Lake August 2014

Race the Lake was a fun event. More less run similar to Gran Fondo, but they did placing and timing as well. they ran it with 12 heats i think,each heat having a max of 150 riders  1st heat was pro/elite and then down from there. each going off 10 minutes from each other.  with the lower waves being people just there to casual ride etc
i was in 3rd was hoping for a challenge1st 6 9 me
Course was 90 miles. Quite an easy course. Just only one hill that required a moderate amount of effort otherwise mostly flat and fast.23985a

For summary, was learning experience overall. Start was told it would be a slow motor paced rolling start for first few miles. Was misleading as it just took off within the first 10 seconds. Was stuck at not quite almost back of the pack while the pack of 20 at the front literally took off.  Not all people in wave were into chasing, so ventured up and did work with other guys to try to catch lead group, as there was possible time, but the 2 guys i was riding with gave up even though we gained ground , so all well and just went back and ride with a group of other 18 pack right behind and hope for the best.
overall was good ride, everything went well. was able to push it , and have energy.
the pack i was in for 3 wave was a little less challenging as many times pace was going slow then picked up so was a mix. After doing the one climb, i dropped the group as many seemed not interested in pushing it on climb, so rode on my own for a while and caught a few more people and ride with more others later on.
completed the course in just over 3 and half hours. so not a bad time . Being a first time experience riding with a large group of people always a learning experience.

with the front group breakaway early, seem i think even catching up would probably have a chance to probably keep pace with them as final times were quite similar

So a few things i figure to learn for next time.
if do same event another time, position near front of pack at start, so just in case group break aways , get in the group and hope for the best. and try for a chance
remember my timing chip, lol . left timing chip in room, so not officially in results for event,  but at least i timed it on my garmin and was physically there, lol

Otherwise fun event. would consider again for sure.

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