Grand Canyon Tour Company

Grand Canyon Tour Company

Grand Canyon Tour Company is based in Las Vegas, Nevada of USA. They have been in business sincere 1982.

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Grand Canyon Tour Company

The last time I was visiting Las Vegas I was wanting to go back to see the Grand Canyon. So prior to leaving for Las Vegas I was looking around for a good outfiiter to take me to the Grand Canyon.  I came across on a random google search of the Grand Canyon Tour Company.

I called their customer service department and immediately was given a warm greeting from the friendly sales agent.

I asked to what was there most popular tour and they mentioned the Grand Canyon West Rim Air and Ground tour. So I immediately booked the trip. The structure of the trip is more less you fly from Las Vegas and go to the canyon where you take a tour bus and they take you to few parts of the rim of the Grand Canyon.  So I had quite a bit to look forward on my visit to Las Vegas.

After 3 months of waiting I finally was off on my trip to Las Vegas. A few days in the city were amazing with all the shows and entertainment I was experiencing. More was to look forward to with the tour to Grand Canyon, as I been wanting to see this my whole life.

The Grand Canyon Tour Company

The Grand Canyon Tour Company

I stayed at the Imperial Palace on the main strip of the Las Vegas. Here in the early morning I was picked up by a bus for transportation to another smaller airport in Las Vegas. The bus stopped at a few other hotels to pick other passengers up. Their was a guy on the bus who was organizing all names of everyone on tour and he was very friendly. Also he was with the company and provided good customer service.We arrived at the small airport and checked in. At same time had to stand on a scale so they could weigh all passengers.
Then we all walked to the small plane on the run way where we were all take a photo with the pilot prior to boarding.

In the plane had nice big windows for good sightseeing and small but comfortable seats. Plane took off with the pilot giving a nice air tour, such as we circle around the city of Las Vegas and fly over the Hoover Dam. It is quite a site to see and quite amazing. From here it is a 35 min flight to get to the Grand Canyon National Park. Flying over the desert is quite neat as you can see all the vastness of the area from the city.

We land at the National Park and we board a tour bus that has a guide as well.
Very friendly person who was the guide. At the time the guide name was William as he was someone who has lived in the area all his life.

During the tour we make way to the villlage and to the main rim. The South rim. Here I noticed the temperature is cooler then in Las Vegas. It is around 70 degrees F compared to 110 F in Las Vegas.

Going to the Canyon is an amazing experience. The view is amazing and was well worth the wait. One of the best things I ever seen. The people in the bus were great! No one was late and we left all the spots in good time. Spent close to 3 hours at the South Rim in different spots.

The driver of the bus was funny and made many jokes over the intercom about many things. Was a very good impression of this company and I was thinking for sure to recommend them.

At end of the tour we stop in a town nearby and go for lunch. The lunch was amazing, an all you can eat buffet. Had full salad bar, soups and many types of meat, like chicken and beef.

The place we ate at was really neat and had neat things to take photos of.

From here we got back on the bus and headed back to airport and boarded the plane. Flying back to Las Vegas in mid afternoon, with still lots of time to spare and do things in the city.

We get a nice bus back to our hotels. They seem to run the tour very efficiently and everything was run very smoothly.

I recomment the Grand Canyon Tour Company for all your best tours in Las Vegas and area. You will not be disappointed by this company.

The customer services levels were all good from when I booked the trip to the end of the trip.  No complaints. I would tell you all to book your trip with Grand Canyon Tour Company. ASAP

Grand Canyon Tour Company offers the BEST tours at the BEST price from Las Vegas.


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