Helsinki, Finland May 2006

Helsinki, Finland May 2006 Helsinki Travel

Helsinki, Finland May 2006 Today we arrive into Helsinki, Finland on the ferry. Its an amazing sight to arrive into the city. You can see the domed church in the distance.

We get off the ferry and onto our Contiki bus and go into town right away. I will list all the sights we visited in the City. Dome Church, Central Square, Temppeliaukion Kirkko, a church carved out of a rock, Uspensky Cathedral. WE then in our free time went to the Finnish Olympic Museum and looked at the history of Finland at the Olympics.

We stop for lunch at the Pizza Hut since one guy in the group wanted North American food, so call it.1294122_12450351018474_bigthumb Helsinki, Finland May 2006

We then have no free time, so most of the time is spent at the Central Station to get some Russian Rubles for our journey into Russia Tomorrow. I wanted to get small denomination bills but they only gave me big ones.

From here I go about walking around town and do some more exploring of the immediate area.

We regroup and head out of town to where our hotel is. Somewhere in some forested area, quite nice, Tonight is an early night as lots of drinking the night before. I hang my laundry on the balconey and call it a night.

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