High School Trip to Winnipeg 1994 – Day 1

High School Trip to Winnipeg 1994 – day 1 Grade 10 Music ClassHigh School Trip to Winnipeg 1994

High School Trip to Winnipeg 1994 – Day 1

High School Trip to Winnipeg 1994 – Day 1 This travelogue is of a trip I did in high school. It was part of a Grade 10 music class. I played trumpet in music class, that year we competed in local high school music festival and did quite well. We were with West gate High School and was offered to compete at the music festival in Winnipeg, Manitoba. For this trip our class did some fundraising for the trip such as bake sales and sell potato chips to students, which was a good success. Majority of the class were going on this trip, as it was going to be fun just to go on a trip.

On Our Way To Winnipeg

A short note about Winnipeg, it is the capital of the province of Manitoba. Manitoba is a province of Canada which is located in the central part of Canada.

So this morning around end of February it is wintertime here and cold out. My grade 10 class has assembled at school and waiting for the bus to come. We have chartered a Greyhound Bus to take us to Winnipeg and be our taxi in the city as well. We are accompanied by our music teacher Mr.Yaciuk, as well his wife and his son, whatever his name was. We board the bus and head out of Thunder Bay. Everyone is quite excited for this trip. During this time I listen to my music from my Walkman cassette player. Yes it plays cassettes, remember this is the 1990’s/ We do a quick stop in town of Upsala for a bathroom break and to buy junk food at the little store here.

Back onto the bus we continue our journey toward Winnipeg. During this time frame I borrow someone’s game system. A Sega Game Gear, which was a really neat system for its time, better then Nintendo Game boy. We stop again in town of Dryden for a lunch stop. We stopped at A & W for some food, I order a teen burger, fries and a root beer. A symbol of good adolescent nutrition. Most people order same thing and goes down quite well. We continue our journey to Winnipeg. Finally make it to Winnipeg around late afternoon. We stop at the Holiday Inn hotel in downtown, our teacher goes in and gets our keys for our rooms. For each room we are sharing about 4 of us to each one. I Think I am sharing with 3 other guys name Ken, Scott and Steve, I think. The plan this evening is to do a rehearsal in the downstairs banquet room for practice for tomorrow. Then go somewhere for dinner later on.

Out To Portage Mall130108 portage place006.JPG

After checking in and leaving our bags at the rooms. We get on the bus and head out to Portage Mall for supper in the food court. Quite a way to do it all in, we eat from some Subway place in the food court. While eating we observe some freaky people walking around. Including some guy who was walking to his pizza while sitting backwards on a chair by himself. I don’t think the pizza appreciated being talked to.

Heading Back To The Hotel For The Activity

From here we head back to the hotel and get ready for a rehearsal down in banquet room. During practice our teacher is getting mad as no one is fully focused and just is on Vacation mode. We do a practice after an hour and hope all the best for tomorrow. From here it was now free time, so we are not allowed to leave hotel so we all went to the pool and spent the evening in the pool, lots of fun.

Around 10pm we had to return to our rooms as it was a curfew and under watch. During the night our teacher entered everyone’s room and was doing a strict head count of everyone. All of us were counted for.

During the night we looked outside our room and noticed our teacher standing guard in the hallway. He was disguised as some Sherlock Holmes person, wearing a trench coat and a funny hat.

Stay tuned for 2nd day in Winnipeg.

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