Historical Places in Turkey

Historical Places in Turkey

Turkey is a country known for very many things. But when it comes to historic sites, it surely one of the leading countries in in the face of the world. This country have very many historical sites that had a lot of significance during the ancient times.ln this article, some of the most popular historic sites are discussed.

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exciting world travels


  • These are ancient Roman ruins. They include a gymnasium, theatre and the Temple of Zeus.
  • This historic site is located in Kahayan province, one of Turkey’s most remote places.
  • It was the capital of Aizanitis territory in Phrygia. Visitors and tourists pay 3TL at the entrance of the Zeus temple while entry in all other places in the site is free of charge.
  • The ancient places that are accessible to visitors are those from the time of the Roman Empire. Other than the sites main components that is the theatre, the gymnasium and the temple, there is also a colonnaded street, two Necropolis, a dam and Agora.


  • It is a Seljuk ruin.lt sits on a 250m high peninsula adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea. It has walls that stretches as long as over 6km.Elegant sites and structures are within the walls of the castle
  • The Red tower which is 29m in height is one of the striking monuments in here.lt was built together with defensive walls as a form of ancient method of self-defence.
  • Other buildings and monuments such as the Aladdin Keykubat’s palace, mosques and even a church are also found in here.These are evidence of the antagonism in the ancient city.
  • On the other side of the Suleymaniy mosque, is a covered bazar. Numerous buildings which include an arsenal, the Ehmedek and a mint are all around the arsenal. There are also sea caves but these can only be accessed via boat.castle


  • Located on the Aegean coast, this city was founded by ancient Greeks around the 7th century. It is believed that Aristotle was once one of the inhabitants of this city
  • On a dormant volcano’s crest sits the temple of Athena. This temple provides an aerial view of the surrounding areas since it is the highest structure around. It provides wonderful sites of view especially in the mornings and evenings during sunrise and sunset.
  • Other structures are the city walls, a cemetery, a gymnasium and a Roman theatre.


  • This is an archaeological museum in one of Turkey’s popular resorts. It comprises of an open air gallery and exhibition halls which are 13 in number. It sits on 7000 square metres with over 4000 art work being exhibited
  • The halls are arranged as follows, natural history hall,pre-history hall, classic period hall,sanctury hall, hall of small objects, hall of imperial statutes, sarcophagus hall, the mosaic hall, hall of coins, Turkish-Islamic period of work and children’s section. For people in other parts of the world who would like to visit Turkey, obtaining a Turkey visa is easy.

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